YOU was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 2nd single. It was released on June 10, 1998 and reached number 20 on the charts with 12,340 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 78,260+ copies. This was the second single in the A Song For XX Era.

YOU - Ayumi Hamasaki

1. YOU
2. YOU (Acoustic Version)
3. YOU (Instrumental)

YOU, the original version. As most of you know earlier this year Ayumi released Mirrorcle World, and on it was a new version of YOU. Now I really loved that version of YOU as it was very mature sounding and rock influenced. But here we have the very first version of YOU. Some drums open up this original rendition of YOU, followed by some of lovely sounding instrument. Then Ayumi begins to sing, in some very nice little vocals, it’s amazing what a few years can do, and it’s a little high. The verses are okay, not really that exciting. The chorus was as phenomenal as ever, even though Ayumi’s vocals were high as ever. Although I must admit that I liked the newer version much better as her vocals matured, this was kind of a setback, but it’s been like 10 years. It’s still a nice song though,

YOU (Acoustic Version) the acoustic version. A piano and violin open up this version. Besides having no rock influences and being longer, this song is very ballad-like, rather than acoustic. The song was driven by the piano, rather than an acoustic guitar. This version seemed very dull compared to the original.

Overall Review: YOU was very immature to say the least. I did like the single, but after hearing the new version you almost loathe the original as Ayumi’s vocals were so high and little. This single just goes to show you how much an artist can change over the years. Still, this isn’t bad for a second single.

Final Grade:88B

5 Responses to “YOU”
  1. glassmask says:

    OMG Ayu looks soo cute~
    back in th 90s music was kind of different form music now…immature~
    I don’t really like Ayu’s relaly old albums because the styles are very different~ but she sold so many during that time period!!!

    the only 90s/2000s album i listen to is Utada Hikaru, her songs never get old!

  2. Die says:

    I agree with you there. I think from I am… and on Ayumi’s really good. And all of Hikki’s albums are good.

  3. glassmask says:

    I know! I love her I am…album~
    I guess her music changes with her JPop statue -_-..back when she just debut her songs are kind of rush/teen spirit? I duno but I saw the MV of “A song for XX” and she was like a ganster type(hip hop):-D~
    Ayu changed to very classcial/western-ish looking from 2002..her image is always very noble-ish lady? Gues its because she is the queen of the Jpop and it kind suit her image~

    Anyway..I love her MVs sooo much! they are so good to watch and Ayu’s MVs are so unforgettable!!! Like Fairyland or Mirrorcle World, her acting is sooo good!!! O_O! Some of the MVs even give me chills..No wonder her singles sell so good, with good song and good MV!!

  4. solarblade says:

    You know, it’s the strangest thing but I like YOU (Aggressive Mix) so much more than both the old original and Mirrocle World’s revised version….though it’s a remix it should have been a main song!!!! ugh!

  5. bucebucethecaboose says:

    YOU (Acoustic Version) is my favorite arrangement of YOU <333 it’s so gorgeous XD

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