New Blog Stats! June 08

Well I guess you could call this new blog stats. But this is just to inform everyone of how well my blogs been doing! I didn’t think that it’d do this good so it’s quite a shock. Anyway, I now have 19,000+ views! I should wait till the 20,000+ but 19k is still good right? I guess I’ll post the rest of the monthly blog stats when I do the “Best of…” later. But here were the blog stats for May 08.

Best Day this month: May 20 2008, 227 Views
Most Hits: 4,509 Hits
Most Popular Page: Prisoner of Love, 248 Views

4 Responses to “New Blog Stats! June 08”
  1. amaiyume says:

    I come here often so I’m glad I contributed to some of those 🙂
    Your blog stats are similar to mine!! I’m closing in on the 20K mark too 🙂

  2. Die says:

    Thanks a bunch everyone!

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