I believe you ~Ai no Hana~

I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ was Rina Aiuchi’s 26th single. It was released on May 7, 2008 and reached number 17 on the charts with 6,160 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 7,460+ copies. It was released in a regular CD edition and a limited CD edition. The song HEY! was used as the theme song for the NTV show “SPORTS Urugusu.” This is also the final single in the TRIP Era.

I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ (Limited Edition) - Rina Aiuchi

Tracks (Limited Edition):
1. I believe you ~Ai no Hana~
2. HEY!
3. Harmony -DTS MIX- Perfomed by INTER-D
4. I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ -Bouquet of Love version-
5. I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ -Instrumental-
6. HEY! -Instrumental-

I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ lit. I believe you ~Flower of Love~. The sounds of a twinkling piano open up this song, followed by Rina’s fantastic vocals, and the occasional piano. This song is your stereotypical ballad, beautiful lyrics and wonderful music. The verses were surprisingly nice too, and the chorus was so much better. Despite the climax not being that strong I really loved the song. It was such a refreshing ballad compared to all of the other ballads I’ve been hearing, strings and all. What a beautiful ballad, and great use of English.

HEY!, fun for everyone. One of the first things I noticed about this song was the frequent use of English and an undeniable sense of fun and up-beatness. The song begins with guitars and drums playing followed by Rina singing in English, a little distorted and yet so good, even the pronunciations. After that she begins to sing in Japanese, flawless I might add. The verses here were tolerable and actually decent. As it built up for the chorus it sounded so fantastic. The chorus was pure happiness and excitement, very catchy too I might add; the little beep at the end was great too. Interesting with the rock elements but nonetheless great.

Harmony -DTS MIX- Perfomed by INTER-D, typical Rina. The original version will appear on TRIP, but for now here’s the review of the remix. This song begins with a few background vocals rapping followed by some violins. Then Rina begins to sing, and I must say that her vocals here sound a lot better than the previous song, no stress and pure calmness. The verses were dull but no shock there, however the chorus was a lot better. It was more pop, and that was quite obvious, but it was rather catchy. I really enjoyed the frequent use of English in the chorus, it made it sound more catchy. I hope that the original is as good.

I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ -Bouquet of Love version- piano superiority. This version was featured on the limited edition version of the CD and it’s rather lovely. The song was lengthened and the piano became the dominant instrument, but the violins were still present. This version was more of a beautiful and lovey dovey mix, very beautiful and magical.

Overall Review: I believe you ~Ai no Hana~ was a flower full of love and devoid of sadness and darkness. I found this single to be rather remarkable in the sense of quality, something that seems rare nowadays. But Rina is from GIZA so that might explain a few things. But overall this songs on this single were fantastic and so beautiful, and then some were more free-spirited. Still, what a beautiful and memorable way to end the TRIP Era.

Final Grade: 95A

4 Responses to “I believe you ~Ai no Hana~”
  1. Ayachi says:

    can i get the lyric of HEY! and harmony?

  2. Die says:

    i’m sorry i don’t know the lyrics, try searching for them somewhere online, I’d send you a link but I don’t have one.

  3. eruruchi says:

    well… i already search it everywhere but i can’t find it… www T_T okay then… thank’s alot for the review… its true that HEY! is very fun to hear. I hear it hundred times and I never get bred. ^o^

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