Well one thing that I have realized is that the site seems to take forever to load in some cases, something that I’m sure annoys people. So to counteract this, the covers will now be smaller and hopefully less in size. That will help the loading speeds and cut down space used, a small yet very helpful thing. So get ready for smaller covers and more compact reviews! Although I have yet to decide about albums so that will be a challenge.

And on another note: Get ready for my first semi-annual “Best of…” countdown. This will include a few songs and albums that have made it to the first half of the Best of ’08. And it’s semi-annual so one will happen after June and another will happen shortly before the new year. So get ready, although I’m not sure how it’ll happen, but it will be good, be reassured.

This message has been brought to you by Nami!

2 Responses to “Realization”
  1. blackmager says:

    Aww…bye bye big album covers.

    Although this best of interests me.
    I’ll be waiting.

  2. Die says:

    Yes, I will miss them too, but I’m hoping it’ll ease the loading lag. That’s why I only include 8 posts per page rather than 10. And thanks! I can’t wait either, I was actually waiting since May but I figured that it’d have to be at the 6 month point. But it should be good, hopefully.

    And I was going to try to do reviews like Beyondthesea2, but it’d be like copying it, and the fact that it looks so weird, but maybe I could make it work. Something will change, eventually.

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