TRUE SONG was Do As Infinity’s fourth studio album. It was released on December 26, 2002 and reached number 5 on the charts. In all this album has sold over 272,000+ copies, making it their lowest charting album, but not lowest selling. Like the previous album, the album was named after a translated name from a single. The album was released in a first press edition and a regular edition; the first press edition came with a cardboard sleeve and a different CD cover. The singles under the sun / under the moon and Shinjitsu no Uta were featured.

TRUE SONG - Do As Infinity

1. Kuusou Ryodan
2. under the sun
3. Good for you
4. I can’t be myself
5. Perfect Lady
6. Shinjitsu no Uta
7. Grateful Journey
8. One or Eight
9. sense of life
10. Wadachi-WADACHI-
11. Ai no Uta

Kuusou Ryodan, lit. Fantasy Brigade, classical & rock. The sounds of an orchestra of violins and a keyboard open up this song. Then Van begins to sing in some great vocals, and as she sings you can hear the background vocals that sound really nice. But as she sings the chorus the violins become more powerful and her vocals sound so lovely. It’s pretty catchy at this point, but afterwards the rock element becomes present as she finishes. Afterwards the song becomes very catchy as Van steadily sings. The ending is a combination of both rock elements and the classical violins at the end. This was a very interesting beginning to say the least, especially with mentioning years in the song.

under the sun, pure rock happiness. This song features up-beat rock music that’s guitar and drum driven. The verses are very fast and somewhat catchy. The chorus is quick and very addictive, but what’s better is the fact that it features some well pronounced English, for the most part anyway. This was released as the first single in the TRUE SONG Era, however the second track was not present sadly.

Good for you, steady rock. This song is your typical DAI song, very heavy in rock and very strong vocals. Guitars playing with some synth elements are present at the beginning of the song. Van’s vocals are as great as ever, especially before the chorus gets started. The chorus was very catchy to say the least. It might not have been very fast but it was good. I really loved how they used some English in it too, and the pronunciations were great too. The really loved the lyrics of this song too, they go on to mention “Once in a while don’t mourn — Go with positive thinking!” A really nice song.

I can’t be myself, stereotypical rock. Some very interesting sounds are present at the beginning of this song, maybe they’re drum beats and guitars strumming, but it’s odd. The verses here were simple and sweet but not that great really. The chorus wasn’t really that great the first time it’s heard but after the second time it starts to grow on you. Despite this song not being that great I must admit that the lyrics were nice.

Perfect Lady, rock with a little country? This song, to say the least, was awful. It might have had that country flare, but it was so bad. The use of English didn’t even help this song, it made it worse. The chorus wasn’t exuberant at all, nor was it good. This song should have been replaced by under the moon.

Shinjitsu no Uta, lit. Song of Truth or True Song. This song’s translation gave it’s name to the album, like Fukai Mori. It’s really amazing what Inuyasha songs can do, giving their names to the albums. This song has got to be the best song on the album, not doubt about it. All of the traditional music really made it a fantastic song. The chorus was absolutely phenomenal and powerful. Van’s vocals were at the height of perfection in this song. What a riveting rock song.

Grateful Journey, electric rock. The main instruments in this song were the electric guitar and a few drums. Yet again we have another stereotypical DAI song. Very rock influenced and very good vocals. Although I’m getting very tired of this music to be honest with you, it’s almost a YUI album. The chorus was so-so, not really that great but not that bad. But I must say that the lyrics were nice, mentioning “Lets cross the Seven Seas” and “Let’s cross the Seven Rainbows.”

One or Eight, rock and dull. There’s a reason that this song was B-Side for Shinjitsu no Uta. This song was dull to say the least, even with the up-beat atmosphere. There’s really nothing special about this song, besides the fact that it was annoying.

sense of life, acoustic happiness. This song is very different from the previous tracks, it’s not all fast powerful rock. It’s more acoustic, more laid-back and peaceful. The sounds of an acoustic guitar open up this song, followed by an electric guitar slowly playing. Van’s vocals are very peaceful, not fast or quick, but softer and more gentle. The verses sound bland at time but then again it’s not fast and infectious, it’s slower and calmer. The chorus was a bit dull to say the least. There was no major climax so it was hard to differentiate between that and the verses. But, I must admit that the lyrics were very nice and they make up for the song’s weaknesses. They go on the mention “A magnificent miracle, enveloped in warmth” and “I just want to feel the present.” And the ending was very nice, expected but still nice, just slowly playing away.

Wadachi-WADACHI- lit. Rut. Like the previous song, this song too doesn’t follow the normal rock pattern. Instead it’s pretty soft and very calm. It’s a very steady paced song, and throughout the background it sounds as if the wind is blowing, a small but great touch. Van’s vocals are pretty lovely during this song, powerful at a point or two. The verses are pretty simple yet not that bad. The chorus was a deviation from normal but it was good nonetheless. The acoustic instruments were fantastic, a very lovely and gentle effect.

Ai no Uta, lit. Love Song or Song of Love or even Love’s Song; either way it’s a song about love. One thing that is unique about this song is the beginning. It sounds so Irish, for a second I thought I was in Ireland with the beginning music, those tricky violins or fiddles. But after that it becomes more rock as the Irish music fades away. Van’s vocals again are superb but it sounds as if she’s fighting for control of the song with the instrumentals. The chorus wasn’t really that great to be honest with you, it wasn’t even catchy, but Van did a great job with dragging out the words at points so it sounded better. Although an odd thing is that as the song goes on it begins to sound more catchy. But it was good enough for it to become a fan favorite and an ending concert song.

Tooku Made (3RD ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL LIVE ver.) lit. Far Away. This is a live version from the concert on September 27 2002 at Shibuya Kokaido; and it’s also a hidden track. I really loved this song to begin with so a live version was perfect. Van’s vocals were good for the most part, but they seemed a little stressed; but then again she was at a concert performing so what do you expect. This is just a fantastic live rendition of one their best songs.

Overall Review: TRUE SONG was rock passion with a softer end. I had high expectations for this album as I really loved both singles, but I was sadly disappointed. I really wanted under the moon to be on the album but it wasn’t there, and I still can’t believe they put One or Eight on. The album began good but towards the middle it was like give me a break no more rock, but then at the end it got better. It was instead softer and more refined. But despite all of that I still like the album, although not as much as DEEP FOREST.

Final Grade: 88B


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