PARTY TIME PARTY UP / Nemurenu Yo ni

PARTY TIME PARTY UP / Nemurenu Yo ni was Rina Aiuchi’s 25th single. It was released on December 19, 2007 and reached number 8 on the charts with 13,276 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 18,413+ copies. This single was released in a grand total of four editions. There was a CD+DVD and CD edition of PARTY TIME PARTY UP which included a remix, and a CD+DVD and CD edition of Nemurena Yo ni which also included a different remix. This is the third single in the TRIP Era.

PARTY TIME PARTY UP / Nemurenu Yo ni - Rina Aiuchi

2. Nemurenu Yo ni
3. PARTY TIME PARTY UP -command+s mix- (PARTY TIME PARTY UP edition)
3. Nemurenu Yo ni -lifeblood mix- (Nemurena Yo ni edition)
4. PARTY TIME PARTY UP -Instrumental-
5. Nemurenu Yo ni -Instrumental-

PARTY TIME PARTY UP, the cute dance tune. Some very synth sounding sound opens up this song, followed by some rather catchy dance beats. Shortly Rina begins to sing, and this time her vocals are OK sadly, they weren’t that great really. The verses were bland but they ran smoothly so they weren’t all that bad. And as for the chorus, well it was an improvement. It began with Rina singing in English “PARTY TIME PARTY UP!” And the whole dance/synth elements really made it stick out from those ordinary songs. It was somewhat catchy but I really loved the overall mood, so happy and alive. And her pronunciations were great too, no butchering. But I must say that the constant high pitch noise got a little annoying, but it could’ve been worse.

Nemurenu Yo ni lit. In a Sleepless Night. This song is probably the more serious song as it’s a ballad with an lovely piano, and more modern elements. Here Rina’s vocals are quite lovely and they sound a little better than previous song, but then again this is a ballad. The verses sounded all right, but the chorus yet again was the best part of the song. It was more emotional and it sounded more beautiful and lovely. This ballad isn’t half bad, but I think she could’ve done better.

PARTY TIME PARTY UP -command+s mix- the synthed up club track. This song is basically a more synth/technoed up version of the original, but not that much. Rather then focusing on Rina’s vocals the song is more focused on the music it appears. This is a more dance/trance version for those that are all dance music.

Nemurenu Yo ni -lifeblood mix-, brazing beats. Here is a remix that was featured on the Nemurenu edition. This song is a bit synthed up like the other remix, but there are more beats and that’s what makes the difference. This version is also about a minute shorter than the original version, and it moves a little faster. Just stick with the original.

Overall Review: PARTY TIME PARTY UP / Nemurenu Yo ni was pure dance happiness and serene loveliness. The title tracks were completely mind blowing and phenomenal. It’s one of those traditional Rina songs, and a great addition to her album. I loved the fact that there were a total of four versions to chose from and the covers were fantastic. And the remixes were an extra little treat. This is a great single, although two separate types, they’re both superb.

Final Grade: 94A-


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