Put ‘Em Up

Put ‘Em Up was Namie Amuro’s 22nd single. It was released on July 16, 2003 and reached number 7 on the charts with 21,725 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 41,149+ copies, making it Namie’s worst selling single according to Oricon. This is also the fourth single in the STYLE Era.

Put 'Em Up - Namie Amuro

1. Put ‘Em Up
2. exist for you
3. Put ‘Em Up (Instrumental)
4. exist for you (Instrumental)

Put ‘Em Up, the infectious R&B/hip-hop hit. I remember the first time I heard this song, it was on itunes, and from the instant I heard it I fell in love with it. It begins with some guys singing or screaming “Put ’em up…” and some electricity that’s gone haywire. Then with the sound of drum beats, Namie begins to sing in some great vocals that mirror R&B/hip-hop artists. The lyrics are a fusion of aggressive Japanese and sweet English. I can honestly say that for once, the verses were very catchy and they sounded so fantastic. And I must say that Namie was able to sing it all so fast, it made it sound so unrepetitive. The chorus was just so mind-blowing, it was filled with some many R&B/hip-hop beats and the music was perfect. It was the main attraction of the song, and it was so catchy and addictive. But the second chorus was surprisingly better as there was more power on the vocals as Namie began to pull a Mariah (sings a little then screams a little). And despite the chorus being sung over four times, I found it so refreshing and so new, not dull at all.

exist for you, the soft spoken ballad. This song is quite the opposite of the previous song. Unlike it’s predecessor, this song is a ballad with soft beats and calming music. The beautiful soft sounds of synth open up this song. R&B beats then become more common followed by Namie singing. Her vocals are pretty good and you can hear the emotion. The chorus is very beautiful in the fact that it’s so soft and moving. It might be slow but with the English and Japanese it’s become very catchy. But, despite all of that, I’d still say that this song is pure B-Side material.

Overall Review: Put ‘Em Up was pure freedom from the confines of ordinary pop music. Instead it was screaming R&B and hip-hop with unmatched strength. Considering what Namie became known for in this era this is perhaps the best example of what she really wanted to do. I thought that this single was so much better than most of her releases up until this point. It’s amazing what you can do if you really want to change. Another fantastic single for the STYLE Era.

Final Grade: 95A

3 Responses to “Put ‘Em Up”
  1. glassmask says:

    OMG Namie looks soo good on her song covers, she always does..I always ignore the song and look at her face~~~

    this song is very very fresh indeed! I duno but Namie sounds very bored? in her songs..like Want me want me/new look/blah blah blah..but ahaha full of coolness~

    I guess her new BEST COLLECTION for this era is all about rap&hip hop..17 songs!!!

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