Pocket was Ai Otsuka’s 16th single. It was released on November 7, 2007 and reached no. 5 on the Oricon charts with 39,236 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 61,350+ copies. An interesting fact about this song is that it was originally performed at Ai’s Love is Born 3rd Anniversary Concert. However, Ai didn’t want to released it until it was the right time, as the song is very dear to her. Therefore, it was released as a single, and that’s how we got Pocket.

Pocket - Ai Otsuka

1. Pocket
2. Ticket
4. Pocket (Instrumental)
5. Ticket (Instrumental)

Pocket, the winter ballad. A lonely and lovely piano plays at the beginning of this song. It’s playing slowly and it makes it sound very sad. But then Ai begins to sing in some great cute vocals. But her voice adds to the sadness of the song. The acoustic guitar however makes it sound a little better. The chorus doesn’t sound as depressing as the verses, which is very nice, and Ai’s vocals sound a little happier. After the chorus the guitar then begins to play along with the violins. I loved how during the middle of the song it sounded more orchestra backed and more powerful. Even Ai’s vocals were powerful, something that wasn’t happening in the beginning. At least the climax was better during this part as well. What a great ballad from Ai.

Ticket, up-beat soft rock. A piano followed by beats and the violins open up this song, and eventually followed by what appears to be a tambourine. Ai begins to sing then in a very happy voice. The verses were OK, but we all know that the chorus sounded so much better. It was very up-beat, catchy, and Ai’s vocals were great. The constant beats were a nice touch, and the guitars playing every now and then was nice too. But those violins really made the song, gave it a very happy and pleasant feel. After a sad song you need a happy song to make you feel better, a great choice on Ai’s part.

LIFE – LOVE CiRCLE, English rock. Well I know that there are some artists that make English versions of there songs like BoA and melody. and then there are some that write songs in English and sing entirely in English, like Hikki and Leah. Often for those that attempt to sing in English, and can’t do so already, the outcome is disastrous. This song is not the exception sadly. The song begins with a guitar and the drums, giving it a PEACH feel. Ai’s vocals were nice, but those background la la la’s were very annoying. The chorus was nice, once you could understand it. It was a little catchy, but it was just so repetitive. And it sadly got annoying after a while. I hate to say this but Ai needs to stick with Japanese. It’s one thing if you know it by heart like Hikki, Leah, and melody. But when you almost butcher it like BoA and Koda you need to stop. Ai has so much more potential and should be singing in Japanese.

Overall Review: Pocket was a wonder winter single, minus one song. I found this single to be rather relaxing and calming. It was a great single, and I really can’t complain about much except for the one song. A fantastic and heartfelt way to begin the new era.

Final Grade: 96A

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