Prisoner Of Love

Prisoner Of Love was Utada Hikaru’s 21st single. It was released on May 21, 2008 and reached number 2 on the charts with 38,902 copies sold. This single is the first re-cut single since First Love. And this is also the first single that Hikki’s released in only CD+DVD edition and include an 8 page photobook, of course it was released digitally along with the PV. The reason, like First Love, for this song to be released as a re-cut single was due to popular demand. The title track was used as the theme song for the new drama Last Friends, while the B-Side was used as an insert. Oddly enough, most promotion for this single, and song was done for the album, or was it for this single??? Anyway Hikki performed this song live at least three times. This single officially ends the HEART STATION Era.

Prisoner Of Love - Utada Hikaru

1. Prisoner Of Love
2. Prisoner Of Love -Quiet Version-
3. Prisoner Of Love (Original Karaoke)
4. Prisoner Of Love -Quiet Version- (Original Karaoke)

Prisoner Of Love, the ballad with the sad cord. This song was originally released with Hikki’s 5th Japanese album HEART STATION, but due to popular demand it was re-released as a re-cut single. And since I’ve reviewed this song before, I’ll just give it a tiny review. This song begins with Hikki singing in English accompanied by the piano, later followed by some R&B beats. Beginning with the first verse, the music begins to sound very R&B like, and sad too. Then the strings come into play, followed by the chorus. The chorus is different each time, no lyrics are the same. While the strings play a role, with the piano, they’re almost drowned out by the beats. The chorus moves mid-tempo you could say, and it’s very catchy. The English at the end was a great touch and it made it complete. Hikki’s vocals here were excellent as she was able to hit those high notes and low notes (especially during some of the English parts). The end was particularly good, those last words in English, and a little in Japanese, really sounded fantastic. Even the background vocals were great. Best song for a re-cut single, no doubt about it.

Prisoner Of Love -Quiet Version- strings superiority. The first time people found out about this version was April 8, when her site stated it’d be featured on this single. Now it took a while for people to actually hear it, but it of course was used as an insert for Last Friends, and by that time people we going crazy about it. It wouldn’t be until April 30 that people got an actual listen via her site. Some people had mixed views; but to me it’s clear, this version is better. Now there are some notable differences in this song. First, this version is shorter by about 10 seconds; and to top that off, there are a new set of vocals. Now her first recording was great, but this one seems so much better. And there are no R&B beats for this song, it’s all orchestra and piano; and the strings are so lovely, they suit the song well. Another great thing is that aren’t as many background vocals in this song. The chorus here sounded so superior to the original as it sounded more like a true ballad, strings and all. This has got to be one of the best remixes or new versions that she’s ever made.

Overall Review: Prisoner Of Love was Hikki’s best re-cut single in years. It was the perfect song for a single. The music was phenomenal and the vocals were so amazing. This just really goes to show you that Hikki is more talented then some of us thought. It also has to be one of her most beautiful ballads to date, especially with the lyrics. The new Quite Version was a great addition to the single, and also better than the original, a rare thing nowadays. Quality of quantity, and this single just goes to prove that.

Final Grade: 100A+

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