Vivid was BoA’s 27th single. It was released on June 4, 2008 and reached number 5 on the charts with 20,221copies sold. The first track, Kissing you, was used as the theme song for the drama 7 Female Lawyers. This is also her first single since THE FACE.

Vivid - BoA

1. Kissing you
2. Sparkling
3. Joyful Smile
4. Kissing you (Instrumental)
5. Sparkling (Instrumental)
6. Joyful Smile (Instrumental)


Kissing you, sweet pop. An old scratching piano followed by the violins open up this song. BoA then begins to sing in her sweetest vocals. The verses seem nice and not so dull for once. I especially loved the English used here, even though there was only a little bit. The chorus is very very pop, almost generic but not so. It sounds a little more modern and the constant beats made it different. It was catchy to an extent, you could feel the beats and it was refreshing almost, better than some of her previous songs. The only major problem was that it was just a tad to repetitive, once you heard the first chorus, you’ve heard it all almost. But it was still a great song nonetheless.

Sparkling, modern dance. This song is just what I’ve been waiting for. From the cover, I thought that some of these songs would be a little aggressive, if not all pop. The beginning of this song is almost like Koda Kumi’s WIND with that opening, but afterwards the piano begins to play, followed by BoA’s vocals. But, then the song changes from piano driven to dance beats. I’m assuming she’s singing the first verse, and it’s quite catchy with all the dance beats. Her English has improved a lot from when she began singing and her vocals sound nicer here too. I really love the chorus of this song, it’s so up-beat and the dance beats are really great. It was so catchy and the English really helped it. This has got to be the best song on the single.

Joyful Smile, a sugary pop sensation. Harps seem to open up this song followed by some percussion instruments and synth. BoA then begins singing the first verse, which really isn’t that great, and those constant claps in the background don’t help the case. The chorus is somewhat stereotypical of a pop song, this is generic, very sugary all happy and such. But, it was catchy to a certain extent, so that was good. I did love BoA’s vocals here, but the song itself wasn’t all that great for me. After hearing the other two you know why this doesn’t have a PV. And yet for some reason I can’t get it out of my head. It’s still an nice song though, worth a moment of your time.

Overall Review: Vivid was very vivid to say the least, full of many different types of music. One was sugary and very generic pop. Another was very up-beat and almost modern pop. And the last was pure dance, with a little bit of aggression. From the moment I saw the title, I imagined dirty adult songs on this single, almost Kumi like, but the songs here were much better. Despite them sounded so different, they actually made a great single. A vivid and spectacular way to begin the new era.

Final Grade: 95A

3 Responses to “Vivid”
  1. Novembre1st says:

    BoA…her nose is really pretty…and her figures are well-balanced..

    ahaha the cover is pretty big i cant hep but look BoA..

    the songs are sooo good!
    I hope it sell well, like Namie’s 60s70s80s! 😀

  2. boamyjewel says:

    I hope so too XD

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