Girigiri HERO

Girigiri HERO was mihimaru GT’s 17th single. It was released on April 30, 2008 and reached number 4 on the charts with 19,172 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 32,764+ copies. The title track was used as the theme song for Shibasaki Kou’s movie Shaolin Shoujo. This is also the fourth single in the mihimarise Era.

Girigiri HERO - mihimaru GT

1. Girigiri HERO
2. Koisuru Kimochi -acoustic ver.-
4. Girigiri HERO (Instrumental)
5. Koisuru Kimochi -acoustic ver.- (Instrumental)
6. BOW WOW SYSTEM GO (Instrumental)

Girigiri HERO, hip-hop with some cute pop. One thing I should say before I begin the review is that this group is basically a hip-hop group with some Japanese stereotypical pop. The guy, Miyake, raps while the girl, Hiroko, sings. The song begins with some discs being scratched, followed by Hiroko’s vocals. And as she sings you can hear some type of drums beats playing periodically. Afterwards the music dies down as she sings the chorus. It’s light-hearted somewhat fast, and it sounds so happy and so full of live. And my favorite part is when she sings the title, it sounds a little funny but it’s so great. Then the rapping comes into play as Miyake begins to rap. The rapping here sounds pretty soft, it’s not overwhelming and so annoying either. It’s a nice combination, much better than American rap songs in my opinion. Shortly afterwards Hiroko begins to sing again. After that it’s basically a repeats, but that’s actually not a bad thing here.

Koisuru Kimochi -acoustic ver.- a new acoustic spin. The original version of this song was originally on there seventh single, Koisuru Kimochi / YES. Now I’m not sure exactly how it sounded, but I’m sure that the vocals are the same. So for the time being, I’m gonna give this a short review. This song is mostly a ballad, being backed by the piano and other acoustic instruments. Hiroko’s vocals are very soft here, and the music moves slowly. To be honest with you, I wasn’t really thrilled by this song. I haven’t heard many of there songs, but I’m sure there are better ones than this.

BOW WOW SYSTEM GO, true Japanese hip-hop. This song is much different from the first, this is by far the most hip-hop influenced track on the single. The vocals sound a lot darker and more serious than before, but it’s not that bad as one might think. I found the chorus to be OK, not really the best here but the vocals did sound better. Otherwise I found this song very very repetitive and dull at times. They should stick with the pop part of their music, much better. But this still isn’t a bad song, it could’ve been worse.

Overall Review: Girigiri HERO was Japanese stereotypical pop, with some great rap flare for the most part. Being the first single that I’ve heard from mihimaru GT I must say that I was impressed by this single. I love how the title track was so catchy, and it had two more great selections to choose from. A great single in my opinion, one that everyone should listen to.

Final Grade: 90B+

3 Responses to “Girigiri HERO”
  1. boamyjewel says:

    agree with you, this single is rock!!
    but Koisuru Kimochi, in this version has a weaker voice yeah, I’m an old fan of em

  2. Mumii says:

    This review was very nice. I’m so glad you enjoyed them. ^^ If you want to try out better ballads of theirs, I would suggest Love is… or かけがえのない詩.

  3. Die says:

    Thanks, I’ll try to give it a lesson. I’ll end up reviewing their new album and previous singles etc, so I’m sure I’ll hear a good ballad eventually.

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