under the sun / under the moon

under the sun / under the moon was Do As Infinity’s 13th single. It was released on July 31, 2002 and reached no. 5 on the charts and has sold over 63,600+ copies. This is DAI’s first and only, as far as I can tell, double A-Side single. However, only the first A-Side would be added to the album. This is also the first single in the True Song Era.

under the sun / under the moon - Do As Infinity

1. under the sun
2. under the moon
3. under the sun (Instrumental)
4. under the moon (Instrumental)

under the sun, pure rock happiness. This song begins with some guitars playing, in some of the most unheard of notes that I’ve heard. Afterwards the drums begin, followed by Van’s vocals. From there the drums take over for the most part followed by the rhythm of the guitars. Van’s vocals seem nice here, but not her best, well not in the verses. The chorus is, like many times, the best part of this song. It sounds a little edgy with the guitars playing, but it’s also up-beat, creating a unique and yet great combination. One of the best features of the chorus is the constant beats of the guitars and drums, but also the vocals, I really love how she drags out the last part of the word. It even features some English, although it could be pronounced better, but I’m not expecting much, the only thing that really bothered me was the fast pronunciations and the loud instrumentals. Although, I did like the ending, which was in English, and with the guitars still playing. The only thing that could’ve made it better would’ve been if the instrumentals were softer and if she sung the song just a tad slower. Other than that it was great rock song.

under the moon, the slower and darker arrangement. This song, like the sun and the moon, is very different from its predecessor. Instead of being relatively up-beat, this song is slower and sounds more ominous and dark. Dark and eerie sounding guitars open up this sad yet beautiful song. Slowly afterwards Van begins to sing, in some great vocals. After the first half of the first verse, the music starts to sound a little lighter and not as dark. And as the chorus is about to start the drums enter and become more dominant. The chorus moves slowly but even with that it’s so beautiful and yet so addictive. I guess it’s the slow instrumentals that make it sound great. I must say that Van’s vocals are surprisingly good here, and they sound so amazing. The bridge is a mixture of the eerie guitar with drum beats in between. However, unlike the previous song there is no English, unless you include ASUFARUTO, which is asphalt, but that’s not really in English. This has got to be one of my favorite songs fro DAI, worthy of the title A-Side.

Overall Review: under the sun / under the moon was a fusion of bright, shining, up-beat light with slow, prevailing, sad darkness. These two songs were just so different from each other, and yet they made such a great single. I guess it’s really all in the name. We had an up-beat song that sounded happy, almost like the sun. And then next we had a song that sounded start and slow, almost like the moon. It’s also a bit creative from one point of view, and it really shows. I just really loved the overall feel of the single. It’s just too bad that under the moon wasn’t featured on True Song. An excellent and profound start for the True Song Era.

Final Grade: 100A+

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  1. […] under the sun, pure rock happiness. This song features up-beat rock music that’s guitar and drum driven. The verses are very fast and somewhat catchy. The chorus is quick and very addictive, but what’s better is the fact that it features some well pronounced English, for the most part anyway. This was released as the first single in the TRUE SONG Era, however the second track was not present sadly. […]

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