GAME was Perfume’s 1st studio album, even though it’s really their second album as the first was released as a compilation, or best of, album. It was released on April 16, 2008 and reached number 1 on the charts with 154,304 copies sold. This album is their very first number 1 on the charts, including albums and singles. In all this album has sold over 349,052+ copies. There are a grand total of seven new tracks on the album, five of which were released as singles.

GAME - Perfume

1. Polyrhythm
2. plastic smile
4. Baby cruising Love
5. Chocolate Disco
6. Macaroni
7. Ceramic Girl
8. Take me Take me
9. Secret Secret
10. Butterfly
11. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow
12. Puppy love

Polyrhythm, did someone say many rhythms? This song was released as the second single of the GAME Era. Like many of the songs during this period of their music, there’s a great deal of techno music. And it’s quite pleasant. I especially love the voice distortions in this song, it makes it memorable in a way or two. The fast music beats even sound good, gotta love those instrumentals and those fantastic vocals. The chorus is a bit repetitive but it sounds so good, and it’s so catchy. A great and surprising way to begin the album. Here is the full review of Polyrhythm.

plastic smile, the first new track. Immediately after you press play you can hear the distorted vocals sing in some of the cutest voices ever. The little electronic beats sound so cute, and almost baby like because of the simplicity. The music is somewhat fast, and the vocals are actually great. The one problem is that sometimes during the song you can’t hear the vocals as well, because of the loud techno music. It’s hard to tell where the chorus is in the song, but you can find it. Again it’s very repetitive but it’s so addictive and that’s what makes it so good. A great new track for the album.

GAME, the title that gives its name to the album. Heavy, and I mean heavy techno/electronic beats open up this song. The beats seem almost aggressive, which isn’t bad necessarily. Perfume doesn’t begin to sing until the 42 sec mark, and when they do it’s almost unheard. With the music playing and thumping it’s somewhat hard to hear them, and that’s a bit issue for me. But the parts I can hear are fantastic for the most part. And I like the chorus where they sing “Play the GAME” it’s very repetitive and yet it’s so catchy and addicting. I do like this song, but it’s not what I was expecting, still great though.

Baby cruising Love, winter happiness. This song was released as the last single of the GAME Era, along with Macaroni. Instead of a long instrumental to open up the song, the vocals begin immediately. Afterwards that great up-beat winter electronic music begins to play. The chorus here was pretty catchy, especially the distorted English vocals. The verses were a little bland, but it’s almost expected, what’s really important is the chorus. Still I almost wish this song was just a little better, oh well, still not bad.

Chocolate Disco, electronica paradise. This song, along with another, began the GAME Era. At this time there music was getting more accepted and their popularity was rising. It didn’t do that great on the charts but don’t let that stop you from listening to this little piece of heaven. The words “Chocolate Disco” open up the song and from there that infamous techno music plays. The chorus was fairly catchy, but the vocals were the best, and they sounded to CUTE! Almost stereotypical of Japanese girls, that speak only Japanese, singing English, no offense to anyone. Cute, pop, and sugary! For the full review of Chocolate Disco, click here.

Macaroni, the other winter track. Now despite this being released with Baby cruising Love, I really didn’t like it that much. It seemed so laid back, which isn’t a problem in most cases, but here is just didn’t fit. I did like the vocals, but with the music they just didn’t go together, at all. This is one of my least favorite tracks on the album, I’ll leave it at that.

Ceramic Girl, a pop & techno fusion. The song begins with “Celamic Girl” and it sounds pretty good. Their vocals are quite fast, I guess it’s so that they can keep up with the music, which is also pretty fast. The verses seem a little bland and dull but it’s to be expected. The chorus is the best part in the song. It moves fast, and distorted vocals sound fantastic, and most importantly it’s so catchy, especially with that “Celamic Girl” and remember that r’s can be pronounced like l’s so that’s what they’re singing. I found the song overall to be very catchy and so addictive.

Take me Take me, slow techno. Music that’s very similar to Baby cruising Love opens up this song. Then some beeps start and from there it takes a different turn. The first vocals don’t actually begin to till about the minute point, and from there it’s English and Japanese. Here the distorted vocals don’t sound as cute as some of the songs, and therefore it’s almost generic. Now don’t get me wrong it’s very different but at some points it’s just so ordinary. I do like how they drag out “Tonight” it’s very good on their parts. The verses were so-so, a bit mediocre. But sadly the chorus wasn’t that much better either. It sounded all right but that was about it, it wasn’t breathtaking or WOW, just ok. You’re better off listening to the next track.

Secret Secret, sweet and sugary with techno pop. La la opens up this song, followed by some maracas and then some, then a quite second then it repeats. At about the 28 sec point the music changes into more techno pop, very similar to Ceramic Girl. The verses seem to go by so quickly, and they’re even catchy to an extent. The chorus is the best part of the song as many might have expected. Again those lovely distorted vocals sound so cherry and so happy, you can’t help but love them. This has to be the best new song on the album, it’s about as good as some of the singles that they’ve released.

Butterfly, mystical dance electronica. Besides being the longest song on the album it’s very mystical in a way, in a modernistic way. The sounds of a forest, birds chirping and all, open up the song, followed by some techno beats and that mystical modern music. You can also hear “Butterfly” during all of this music until 50 sec of so and then the real vocals get started, which is a little over a minute long. Again the vocals are distorted a bit, but that’s not so bad. The one major problem is when you can’t hear them that well as the music is a little too loud. And the fact that it was hard to tell the chorus from the verses. But they sounded pretty good, and as a result I actually liked this song.

Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow, cute up-beatness! This song was released along with Chocolate Disco as the first single in the Era. Some very up-beat, thumping techno/dance music opens up the song, followed by those ever so cute distorted vocals. The verses are all right but it’s the chorus yet again that’s so memorable. It uses a good amount of English, mostly the title words, and then the rest are Japanese. It’s pretty catchy in a way, but it’s just so up-beat and it sounds pretty happy. Click here for the full review of Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow.

Puppy love, slow techno with acoustic flare. This final track features some acoustics, almost unheard of from a techno/electronica group. The full vocals don’t begin until after the 28 sec point, and from there it gets a little boring. Well, it was initially boring but it kept getting better as the song progressed. The vocals started to sound better and the music kept playing faster and faster. The chorus was surprisingly good and the verses weren’t that terrible either. A nice way to end their first studio album.

Overall Review:GAME was a techno utopia with some impressive and spectacular songs. I loved how there was a general overall theme to the music, something rare in most pop groups these days. I was blown away by a lot of the new tracks and I loved the tracks from the singles. The album was just really enjoyable, a treat for the ears. A memorable and superb first studio album.

Final Grade: 97A

3 Responses to “GAME”
  1. renaye says:

    their new album is good. the new songs that i like r ceramic girl, plastic smile and play the game. and i like the rest of the old songs. twinkle snow powdery snow and baby cruising love and choc disco never failed to make me bored no matter how many times i listen to them.

  2. Solarblade says:

    So, me being a capsule fan i thought the title track, GAME sounded a lot like capsule’s “Musixxx” from their Flash Back album….anyway Polyrhthm, Secret Secret, and Chocolate Disco was the best songs Butterfly too. They have alotta potential i say.

  3. germain says:

    I realy like the single
    “Take me Take me”
    i just want to listen that song

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