Don’t Stay

Don’t Stay was Tamaki Nami’s 4th studio album. It was released on April 23, 2008 and reached number 14 on the charts with 11,773 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 16,510+ copies. So far this is her lowest charting, and selling album, a clear sign her popularity is fading. This is her first studio album since Specialty, which was released in 2006. This album features singles from CROSS SEASON to Winter Ballades. No B-Sides were added on the album, and there are a total of eleven new tracks present.

Don't Stay - Tamaki Nami

1. Don’t Stay ~inst~
2. Visualize
3. Together
4. Brightdown
5. hitchHIKER
6. Speedway
7. Station
8. Promise
9. re-birth
10. Gokigendazee! ~Nothing But Something~ feat.KEN (DA PUMP)
11. EDEN
12. CROSS SEASON -After Graduation Mix-
13. 423
14. MY WAY Reproduction -Original Mix- (Bonus Track)

Don’t Stay ~inst~ a familiar beginning. Now just because I said a familiar beginning it doesn’t mean that we’ve heard this before, it just means that she’s begun an album with an instrumental. And like her instrumentals they have the name of the album, but sadly it’s not a song. This intro begins with heavy dance music, mostly synth and techno. However, during the middle, violins begin to play along with a piano, and it sounds so heavenly, and then the dance music begins to return. And at the 30 sec left mark, the guitar begins to play along with that familiar dance music. Not a bad way to begin, I’ll give it that.

Visualize, dance music with a hint of rock. A guitar opens up the song, along with some great dance music. Next Nami begins to sing in some pretty good vocals. The verses aren’t that great, but they still sound nice, too bad they’re not catchy. The chorus here features fast vocals, fast music, and even some distortions. This song seems so repetitive at times it’s almost like her old work, but not as good. Somewhat mediocre in my opinion.

Together, a heavy dance tune. Wonderful heavy dance/trance music opens up this song, and those beats are so so addictive. After a thirty second intro Nami’s sweet, crisp vocals can be heard, along with some background vocals too, well only a little bit. Anyway her vocals are great, they make the verses sound catchy. But the chorus is so phenomenal, the music is screaming dance song, and with those infectious beats the chorus sounds better than imaginable, and very catchy. After the chorus the music dies down a bit, until the next chorus come. The bridge is an electric guitar with that thumping dance/trance music. This is like her earlier works in my opinion, a very good track.

Brightdown, pure rock aggression. This was released as the second single in the Don’t Stay Era, and whether I review it or not depends on how much time I have. Anyway, some beeping sounds later followed by the guitar open up the song. Then Nami begins to sing and here her voice sounds almost angry, especially with the guitar. But then the chorus begins, without any sign. It’s a lot better than I though it’d be, it’s very fast and so so addictive, especially with the vocals. The little distortions in her vocals at certain points also make the song really good. I was shocked that this song was better than what I expected.

hitchHIKER, rock and roll all in one. Some interesting sounding drums begin the song, followed shortly by a guitar playing so magnificently. After half a minute the first verse begins. As usual it’s not very catchy, and the guitar playing doesn’t help it that much. The chorus here is much better, even though it’s not that fast it’s pretty good. Although, with that being said, it could’ve been better. I felt that this song is very dull as far as rock songs go. Not her best song, enough said.

Speedway, another great dance song. The beautiful sound of a piano playing, or a keyboard, opens up the song with some of the best music ever. Shortly the music changes into guitar powered dance/trance music. Nami then begins to sing the first verse, which is very fast. It leads into the chorus, which is very very fast, and it sounds so amazing. The music gives it that old style feel, but the guitar gives it a more modern feel. The vocals were very fast and that’s not bad for once. I do like the fact that she uses a little English, although it’s not the best. The bridge was a guitar solo with that great dance music. A fusion of new and old Nami!

Station, slow dance and tehcno? An ominous sound followed by the keyboard begins the song followed by some synth and techno beats. The chorus then begins, and at the beginning. It moves a little slow, but it still sounds so great, especially with the background vocals and the guitar playing, it even sounds a little catchy. I particularly love her vocals here, they sound pretty mature. Not a bad song from Nami.

Promise, the winter ballad. This song was released as a winter single. A beautiful piano accompanied by the violins open up the song. Nami then begins to sing in some wonderful vocals, that sound so filled with emotion, despite the fact that the chorus moves a little slow. The chorus here is the best part of the song. It’s very catchy, beautiful, and so so moving. I especially love Nami’s vocals, they sound great here. And the guitar in the song makes it sound better. Maybe I’ll review this single, just maybe.

re-birth, nostalgia in one song. Nami’s vocals begin at the first second, leading into some great guitar powered music that still has a dance feel. The music is very reminiscent of her Gundam theme days. But that’s a great thing, especially since those songs were very popular and fantastic. The chorus here begins great, but falls a little flat at the end. It’s not that catchy, but you can follow along easily, let’s just say that she’s done better. I did like the bridge, which was a keyboard playing, followed by an electric guitar solo, along with that great and addictive dance music. But this song is very good despite all of that stuff.

Gokigendazee! ~Nothing But Something~ feat.KEN (DA PUMP) can you say promo song? This song was the main song I guess used to promote the album, especially since it had a PV to with it. Very heavy dance and trance beats open up the song, followed by some heavy urban beats. Some guy’s vocals are present here, until Nami sings. Nami’s vocals to be honest with you aren’t the best here, they sounds almost angry. I really couldn’t stand that guy’s vocals, i guess it’s KEN’s vocals. This song really turned me off. Give it a listen if you want.

EDEN, the fast urban tune. Some urban/dance music opens up the song, followed by some whispered “secret” and some English vocals. Nami then begins to sing, in some interesting vocals. This music does sounds a little dance, but it’s very urban, and different from her original roots. Nami signs in some improved English, but that’s about it. The chorus didn’t catchy my attention, and the whole English ruined it for me. There’s a point when even English get’s annoying. I liked the overall feel, but there was just too much English here.

CROSS SEASON -After Graduation Mix- a new mix. Let’s begin with the basics shall we. The original version was released as the first single in the Era. It was mostly about graduation and it was a good song. But here, they have BUTCHERED it. Instead of begin sweet and amazing it was changed into a heavy dance remix, with quick vocals. After a minute of dance music you can hear Nami’s vocals which are speed up and they sound a little distorted. I do like the dance beats here, but I hate how they changed Nami’s song into a dance/trance song. Some people might like it, but it takes away the affect of the original song. Not her best remix, that’s for sure.

423, a slow percussion song. The lovely little flute sounding thing, with the guitar opens up the song, along with the drums. Then the firs verse can be heard, with the percussion instruments which are a nice touch. The chorus here isn’t that catchy, but it sounds good. After the chorus is done, that same little flute sounding instrument begins to play. Considering this song was slow, and percussion filled it was OK. Just OK, not great or fantastic, just OK. This is going to be one of her forgettable tracks, I just know it.

MY WAY Reproduction -Original Mix- a remix of an old song. Now the song isn’t old itself, but considering it was released on Specialty, and the fact that the single is over 2 years old, it’s somewhat old. But I must say that this was the first song I listened to. It’s like some of her old works, but with some guitar flare, making it a little more new. Anyway I’ll just give a short review of the song, the full review will be when I review the single. The vocals here are great as always. The verses seem pretty catchy, all things considering. The chorus is the best part, very infectious, thumping music, and the occasional English. A phenomenal way to end Don’t Stay.

Overall Review: Don’t Stay was a fusion of new & old from our idol Nami. It still shocks me that she’s only nineteen and that she’s released a total of five albums. Although hopefully they’ll chart a lot better than this album. I did like how she had a few of her basic songs, mostly the dance tracks, and the fact that she had some wonderful new tracks, those guitars help every bit. Despite all that I wish that the album was just a little better, but it’s still great nonetheless. An impressive album from Nami to say the least.

Final Grade: 88B

6 Responses to “Don’t Stay”
  1. Saya says:

    To be honest, the only song I liked on the album was BRIGHTDOWN. The rest was a bit “meh”-easily forgettable and not even that enjoyable to listen to. It IS pretty shocking how young she is, but amazing how much succes she has had before her eighteenth! (gotta envy her :P)

    ps. The album cover and booklet look beautiful. where did you find the scans? (if you don’t mind me asking, of course 😀 )

  2. Die says:

    I found them at it was the forum. And those are the only one’s I could find.

  3. Yoruko says:

    I loved Brightdown ever since I heard in premiere on D.Gray-man ^^

    I think even though some say the album doesn’t live up to its singles, I’d still want to give it a try since i love Nami 🙂

    Great review, but there’s a minor nitpicky detail I’d like to point out. Don’t Stay is Nami’s 4th, not 3rd studio album (the other 3 being Greeting, Make Progress, and Speciality). Yeah, the Graduation singles thing didn’t count.

  4. Solarblade says:

    I really love Nami, she’s my favorite, but i do agree with alotta of this review except with Visualize, i love that song to death. EDEN was totally something new for Nami i dunno what it is but LOL. Gokigendaze was just fun for me, which is a good thing for an artist like herself

  5. Rokit says:

    If you don’t mind me adding you. The scans from forums were uploaded by me, Rokit. If you guys are interested, you can see more scans for the album at my forums:

    I hope it’s ok to post this….>_> Although, if you wish to go there, you won’t be able to see the scans unless you post since i have a strict ‘hide’ feature but hoping to get rid of it one of these days. =)


  6. Die says:

    Thanks so much! I guess I know where to find a few Nami scans.

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