Baby cruising Love / Macaroni

Baby cruising Love / Macaroni was Perfume’s 11th single. It was released on January 16, 2008 and reached number 3 on the charts with 34,550 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 63,377+ copies, making it their best selling and highest chart-topping single to date. And it is their first double A-Side single. But, mostly, this is their last single in the GAME Era.

1. Baby cruising Love
2. Macaroni
3. Baby cruising Love (Instrumental)
4. Macaroni (Instrumental)

Baby cruising Love, the fast winter electronica. Those cute sounding distorted voices open up the song followed by the keyboard, and that so so good techno music. The beats here are yet again so catchy, and the vocals here sound great. And it seems like a first, but I can actually hear their voices without a distortion, I think, but anyway it sounds great. The chorus here is very catchy, especially with the distortions and how they say “Baby cruising Love.” It sounds even better when they drag it out a little after the half way point in the song. Again we have another wonderful song.

Macaroni, the slow easy tune. This song moves slowly compared to their previous song but it’s a refreshing change for once. Some drums along with some other instrumentals open up the song, and about 25 seconds later you can here some vocals. But, change only happens so often, and thus their voices are still distorted. The chorus here moves slowly, but it’s still catchy, I blame it on the vocals. It’s definitely the weaker of the A-Sides, but it’s still good.

Overall Review: Baby cruising Love / Macaroni was a winter wonderland, with some techno fun. The title tracks were great and I just loved how they were different, and yet they still made a great single. The first A-Side was better, and more Perfume, especially with all the fast paced music and distortions. The second track wasn’t as good but it’s still a worthy song from Perfume. An astonishing way to end the GAME Era.

Final Grade: 94A-

One Response to “Baby cruising Love / Macaroni”
  1. Solarblade says:

    Macaroni was very interesting, but Baby cruising Love was really good, though I guess Perfume’s singles for GAME was awesome in their own way

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