Polyrhythm was Perfume’s 10th single. It was released on Septermber 12, 2007 and reached number 7 on the charts with 17,492 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 61,501+ copies. This was also Perfume’s first top 10 charting single. The title track was used as the NHK Kankyou Recycle Campaign song. This single was released in CD and CD+DVD edition. This is also the second single in the GAME Era.

1. Polyrhythm
3. Polyrhythm -extra short edit-
4. Polyrhythm ~Original Instrumental~
5. SEVENTH HEAVEN ~Original Instrumental~

Polyrhythm, many rhythms? Now just don’t think that the description means this song has many rhythms. I used those words because the that’s what the title would mean, assuming I know my Latin, it’s literally Many Rhythms. Anyway, with that being said, let’s get to the review. Again that heavy techno music opens up along with Perfume’s distorted vocals, followed by some addictive beats. At the 30 sec mark they begin the chorus and it sounds so magnificent. It’s so up-beat and so so infectious, I just loved the vocals and the overall mood. In this song they just sound so happy, and the music makes it even better. That up-beat techno music really makes the song. I loved the verses here, even though at some points it was hard to distinguish between it and the chorus. Another great song for Perfume

SEVENTH HEAVEN, the lonesome B-Side. This song, to date, is only featured on this single and not their newest album. A beautiful piano solo opens up the song, followed by those infamous distorted voices. Shortly the piano is joined by that familiar dance/techno music. Then the piano ceases to play and that techno music takes over, and Perfume can be heard singing just a little. The first verse then begins, it’s very cute sounding and with the beats it sounds so laid-back. And then the chorus comes again. And I really love the vocals, especially during the high notes, I guess it’s that distortion that makes it sound so good. The way they pronounce Seventh Heave sounds so great, the best part of the song. Too bad it wasn’t added to the album.

Polyrhythm -extra short edit-, it’s all in the name. This version is just a shortened version of Polyrhythm. Nothing has changed as far as the vocals go, it’s just the length of the music. I must say that I like this version a little bit better than the original, it’s shorted and more compact than the original. Not a bad mix, or edit I guess.

Overall Review: Polyrhythm was many things. Mostly dance and techno all rolled into one compact single. I loved the vocals and the distortions, although it does make it hard to judge them on vocal talent, but we can assume they’re great singers. The whole feel of the single was fantastic and so outstanding. It’s really an easy listen. Pure dance and club fun, rolled into one (I’m so good a rhyming)!

Final Grade: 95A

4 Responses to “Polyrhythm”
  1. Solarblade says:

    Polyrhythm is so too catchy for me!….especially how they pronounce it repeatedly. PV was awesome, see if i could tryout those moves *crashes* ok maybe not

  2. diegwa says:

    Wow, you commented really fast, lol. I just put it up a few minutes ago. Enjoy the rest of the reviews.

  3. Solarblade says:

    I will, ill try to comment on most of em at least the ones i know of XD!

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