Not Yet

No this is not about the intro by Ayumi Hamasaki, this is about a little break. Now I know that it seems like I’ve been taking breaks like crazy, but this time I need it. I have my AP Exam next Tuesday, and I NEED to study. I also have one research paper due this Friday, but let’s not forget about my final exam on that day too. And I almost forgot to mention that I have my biology research paper due next Monday, and I haven’t started it yet. So for the time being, or until Friday night, there will be no more posts. I hope that you’ll still enjoy all the other reviews I’ve done in the meantime.

2 Responses to “Not Yet”
  1. lostwing says:

    Good luck with your studies! =D
    Apparently you had enough time to change that Ayu banner. The new one is mesmerizing and looks really awesome *_*.

    – Megumi

  2. diegwa says:

    Yes, well I have some time believe it or not. Thank! The old one looked so odd and weird, so I changed it so that it wouldn’t look so out of place. But after Friday, things will return to normal.

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