Fan Service (sweet)

Fan Service (sweet) was Perfume’s 4th major single, but for review purposes I will just put 9th single. It was released on February 14, 2007 and it reached number 31 on the charts. I don’t know how much it’s sold in total but it’s safe to say it’s not as high as their newest single. This single was released in CD and DVD editions. Nakata Yasutaka, a producer and half the duo of capsule, created an extra mix which was featured on a 7″ analog. This is also the first single in the GAME Era, all other singles were released in a compilation album, that has now started to re-chart.

Fan Service (sweet) - Perfume

1. Chocolate Disco
2. Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow

Chocolate Disco, techno paradise. Now the group was originally a pop/idol group but after Yasutaka started producing their music them became more techno and electronica oriented. So one of the first things you’ll notice is voice distortions, somewhat heavy at that. Some synth/techno music begins with some followed by the words Chocolate Disco, in some of the cutest voices ever. They sound so happy, and the music is just so up-beat. The beats are very techno and synth oriented, and the music is somewhat dance sounding. The vocals sound really cute, but you can’t really judge their talent since you can’t really hear their real voices. The chorus is very catchy, no matter how short it seems. The verses could be better, but I still love it so much. You can’t help but feel so happy when you listen to this song.

Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow, more up-beatness than before. This song begins with some of that techno music, but this time it sounds a little heavier and a little better. Next the vocals begin and that great work that Yasutaka has done shows. Again the chorus here is really great, it sounds the same sometimes when compared to other songs but it just sounds so great. Again, I really like the vocals, even if you can’t understand them, they still sound great. A great song for sure.

Overall Review: Fan Service (sweet) was techno supremacy. Till this point I had never heard a Japanese techno group this good, well I haven’t listened to many but you get the point. This girls are so new, in terms of artists again they’ve been singing since 2004, really 2002 when they released their first single but 03/04 is when they were noticed. I just find this music so new and a great change from ordinary. I do wish that the verses were longer and that they sounded a little more diverse, but overall they were wonderful. I feel like I’m over using refreshing but this is one of those singles. What a fantastic beginning for GAME.

Final Grade: 97A

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  1. […] Chocolate Disco, electronica paradise. This song, along with another, began the GAME Era. At this time there music was getting more accepted and their popularity was rising. It didn’t do that great on the charts but don’t let that stop you from listening to this little piece of heaven. The words “Chocolate Disco” open up the song and from there that infamous techno music plays. The chorus was fairly catchy, but the vocals were the best, and they sounded to CUTE! Almost stereotypical of Japanese girls, that speak only Japanese, singing English, no offense to anyone. Cute, pop, and sugary! For the full review of Chocolate Disco, click here. […]

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