I was Kana Nishino’s debut single. It was released on February 20, 2008 and reached number 155 on the charts with 480 copies sold. The title track was the end theme song for HEY! HEY! HEY! from February to March.

1. I
2. In Stereo
3. Just a friend

I, a fresh debut. I was originally entitled I Don’t Want To Know, well the English version anyway. The original version was given to Kana for her music project, but she rewrote the lyrics and released it as I; the original version, in English, is still avaliable at itunes US. Some synth music opens up the song followed by smooth and calm guitar beats. During all of that Kana begins to sing, and her vocals sound so fresh and so new, well new in the sense that I’ve been listening to Hikki, Ayu, and Kumi to long. Now her vocals could be a bit better but she’s new so you almost expect it, but they’re still good. During the first few verses the drums play, getting stronger until the chorus. The chorus features that English phrase “I don’t want to know” and some Japanese, and naturally they sound so beautiful together. Now I admit that her English could sound better, but she’s not from America so cut her some slack. One of the best parts of this song was the fact that both the chorus and the verses sounded great and equally catchy, a rarity now.

In Stereo, urban/rock j-pop? This song, after one listen, seemed to have a distinct urban hip-hop/rock sounding music, almost like Nami Amuro after 2000, but more like a fusion. Drum beats followed by hip-hop music opens up the song, along with a guitar strumming. Shortly Kana begins singing in some great vocals. Again her English could be better, but her Japanese is great. The chorus here isn’t as catchy as I, but I still love it. With the hip-hop beats, guitar playing, and drums you can’t help but want to sing. It’s still a very catchy chorus, and the verses are great, and the rock atmosphere makes it even better. Not a bad B-Side.

Just a friend, the soothing ballad. The soft sound of the guitar opens up the song, followed by some R&B beats. Kana then begins to sing, her vocals here sound softer than all of the previous songs. Again some of the verses feature English, and when they do they sound good. The chorus sounds really lovely and wonderful. The high notes are great and not to overwhelming either. And I just really love it, mostly because it’s catchy and the English. But, all the emotion in her vocals are probably the best part of the song. Her best ballad as of now.

Overall Review: I was a fresh and outstanding debut. I know that there is a lot of talent that goes unrecognized, but finally one of those talents got noticed. It’s not everyday that you find a great artist like this. I just found the single so miraculous and inspiring. Since she’s with SONY she should be able to promote her next few singles more successfully than this one. But this is one of the best debut singles I’ve heard in a long time.

Final Grade: 94A-


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