AROUND THE WORLD was Ami Suzuki’s 4th studio album. It was released on October 12, 2005 and reached number 5 on the charts and has sold over 62,022+ copies. This is also her first album with Avex as well as her first studio album since 2000. While the sales might seem low considering she was blacklisted and was an indie artist for a while, it’s a comeback. Her 17th single AROUND THE WORLD was also released on the say day. The album was released in four editions, each with a different cover.

3. Beautiful
4. Sweet Voice
5. Delightful
6. For yourself
7. Negaigoto
8. Risk
9. Eventful
10. with you
11. Times
12. I’m alone

AROUND THE WORLD, the beginning of the new era. This song is like most tracks on the album, very dance oriented. I’m not sure if Ami’s music was originally so dance oriented but if it wasn’t then this is a great change. The song begins with Ami singing in some Japanese followed by some English, which could be a bit better but she’s Japanese. Anyway after the first part the music becomes more heavily dance oriented with the infectious beats being blasted. Ami’s vocals sound deep at some points and they sound so great. The song moves pretty fast as far as the beats and vocals go. The chorus here sounds so fantastic, it screams dance and maturity, mostly because her voice sounds so mature. I also love how she pronounces the words, or sings them I guess. The techno and synth music really gives the song so much power and makes it so catchy. I also love how they put “AROUND THE WORLD” in the middle of the song, and the part right before it sounds so great. The song ends with the same English that began it all. This song is such a great song, easy listening that’s for sure. If this isn’t the best way to open up the album, I don’t know what is.

Hopeful ~OVERHEAD CHAMPION REMIX~, the fast addictive dance beat. Some people might not know this, but Hopeful was originally intended to the first single for Ami under Avex. But for some reason it was canceled and Delightful was chosen instead. This is the remix version of the original song, which was avaliable from online sites and was played on the radio, sadly I have no idea what the original version sounds like. This song begins at the moment you press play, no delay at all, Ami begins singing in a very strong way. This is actually the chorus, and it sounds so catchy. The first part is very soft music wise, the second part then becomes more dance oriented, even with that little broken toy piano playing. Afterwards there is a little dance music played until the first verse. Again the music is moving very fast, and it sounds so great. With the techno, synth, and mixed music you can help but dance. It’s very very addictive and intoxicating. What a great song!!!

Beautiful, the slower dance tune. This song begins slowly with the piano at first, but later transforms into a powerhouse of dance music. The first verse is good, it’s sung quite fast, and it’s great. But it’s not until the chorus arrives that things get very good. The chorus features heavy dance beats and a good amount of English, it’s catchy, fast, and understandable. The guitar playing at the end is also a nice little feature. The fact that the chorus was extreme dance and the verses were light dance were also a nice little thing. But I just loved the bridge, which was a keyboard solo, that was clearly a great dance instrument. The ended with those same dance beats and a guitar playing until the end, what a superb ending.

Sweet Voice, the steady ballad. A gorgeous piano solo opens up the song followed by Ami’s calm and beautiful vocals. The first few verses sound nice and lovely, but it’s the chorus that’s the best. The chorus is a fusion of English and Japanese, and with that piano playing it gives the song a real ballad quality, even with the guitar playing. The music sounded all right, but I liked the lyrics a lot more. It justs shocks me that there’s so much English present, but that’s a good thing. It’s not a bad ballad at all. If only her voice showed more emotion and power.

Delightful, the brand new house/trance addiction. This song begins with that infamous house/trance music followed by Ami’s vocals. Her vocals sound pretty good, especially since the music doesn’t overwhelm her vocals. Shortly afterwards the music picks up and becomes fast until she sings the chorus. The chorus is mostly English with some Japanese followed with that la la la la… which gets a little annoying. And to be honest with you the music isn’t that great afterwards, well that bridge anyway. It was a very interesting song, that’s for sure.

For yourself, the first true pop song. Most of the songs on the album have been dance oriented, but here we have a great pop song.Some drums beats begin the song followed by some flutes playing, or some other percussions. The vocals here sound the same as a few of her other songs, but that’s OK, they sound good. The chorus sounds nice, it’s not very catchy, the when she sings she seems to sing out the word, making it longer than it actually is. This song is pop, but it has that distinct island/Caribbean sound to it, mostly because of the music. It’s a sweet song, but that’s it really, just move along.

Negaigoto lit. Wishes, the piano ballad. A piano solo begins this song, followed by Ami’s soft vocals, which are a little hard to hear with the piano playing. The first few verses are so-so. But the chorus sounds so much better. Guitar riffs signal the chorus, followed by Ami’s great vocals and the piano. The chorus itself isn’t really that catchy, but it sounds really good. The violins playing afterwards is a nice touch too. The one problem I had with the song is that for the first few parts it sounded monotone, but towards the middle it got much better. And the guitar solo during with the piano during the bridge was great. This is one of the best ballads on the album.

Risk, the dance tune with rock flare. The song begins with some very dance beats followed by a guitar playing. Ami then begins singing in English, shortly she begins the first verse which is up-tempo and catchy. But the chorus comes and you forget about those few verses. The chorus is a fusion is English and Japanese, mostly English, and it’s pretty catchy. The whole dance theme was a great thing, even with the little guitar playing. I even liked the bridge, which was an electric guitar solo and some of that dance music. I just thought it was weird with all of the English, which isn’t necessarily bad.

Eventful, the dance and techno paradise. Heavy techno beats open up the song along with that dance element. The first verses begins afterwards; it’s actually good especially with all the dance elements and the occasional English. The chorus then starts and from there it’s dance and techno paradise. The beats are so addictive and the chorus is just so catchy. Even with the little use of English, it still sounds great. The song was just great overall, dark with the DEEP SLEEP and DARK NIGHT, but still great.

with you, house trance song no. 2. You might have guessed but this song has that distinct house/trance music quality. Heavy trance music opens up the song, followed by Ami’s distorted vocals, which sound deep. The first few verses are very catchy and includes some keyboards playing and some light dance beats. The chorus moves somewhat fast, but it’s very catchy and dace oriented, and it’s even a little catchy. The whole trance element really makes the song what it is, well that and the distortions. It’s not bad at all.

Times, fast, infectious, and dance. The song begins with some dance music followed by the keyboard and all that synth music. The chorus here sounds so fast and it’s so excellent. I even like all the English that’s present in it, although it could be a bit better. The occasional guitar and keyboards even sound great too. The song moves very fast, and with those synth beats it sounds unstoppable. The bridge, which was an electric guitar solo sounded so riveting. Those fast vocals were great too. There’s also a remix version on her 17th single, not sure how it sounds but it must be good.

I’m alone, a mixture of dance and ballad. This song features a mid-tempo dance pace and that sweet ballad voice, along with a few other dance elements. This also the shortest song on the album just under three minutes. It begins with Ami ad-libbing followed by her full vocals. The first two vocals sound so sweet and so innocent. The choruses here sound so short and so soft. I loved the acoustic guitar here, especially how it sounded with all the other instruments. What a great way to end the album.

Overall Review: AROUND THE WORLD was additive dance with a little pop and ballad flare. The central theme was dance, which is rare for many artists that I listen to, so I thought it was a refreshing change. I’m shocked that Ami was able to pull all of it off too, but she did. It might not have been the best album from Ami, but it definitely revived her career to an extent. What a new, sensational refreshing album.

Final Grade: 96A

9 Responses to “AROUND THE WORLD”
  1. FunkyTown says:

    Wonderful review! AROUND THE WORLD – the song – is addicting. As a whole, I liked this album but only a couple of the songs stood out to me.

  2. Solarblade says:

    Yea, this album brought back Ami Suzuki and it was a far better album than Connetta *shivers*….Yea, I wonder if anyone has heard the original version of “HOPEFUL”…I mean I love the Remix but I wonder it it was a ballad before being transformed to trance-dance hybrid….

  3. diegwa says:


    Yay, I was hoping that you’d read the review, I did it just for you, even though it took me a while to review it. Sorry for the delay. And I think all albums were better than Connetta, well so far. As for hopeful I wonder that too.

  4. Solarblade says:

    hehehe awwww. thanx! and it’s ok, know that your busy alot…I’m gonna make it my job to find someone who’s heard Hopeful the original XD….poor me

  5. Die says:

    Wow thanks! It sounds like the original actually, just less beats and aggressive dance music.

  6. solarblade says:

    That’s what I thought, then again I was like ehhh I like the remix more XD

  7. gonzalo says:

    muy bueno el album de esta artista

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