CROSS SEASON was Tamaki Nami’s 13th single. It was released on March 14, 2007 and reached number 23 on the charts. In all this single has sold over 6,404+ copies. This single is currently Nami’s lowest charting single. Despite having a rather frightening cover, it is said that it was meant to represent the joys and hardships of high school. The first press edition features a special glitter case, and a labeled CD. This was the first single in the Don’t Stay Era.

2. i CAN FLY
3. Lost and Found
4. CROSS SEASON (Instrumental)

CROSS SEASON, the graduation inspired tune. This song is seems a little different from her earlier works. It’s not quite dance but, it’s not quite new. It seems to be a little mature in the format and the music, a rarity for most artists, it’s somewhat an improvement. Anyway, the song begins with a sparkle sound, followed by some lovely piano playing, along with that infamous synth beat. Nami then begins the first verse, which sounds so soft, and slow for Nami, and yet so good. Normally her music is so aggressive and so fast, but here it’s so mid-tempo and laid back, it’s a wonderful change. Her vocals also seem softer and more relaxed than usual. Anyway the first three verses sound so great, especially with the infectious synth beats playing throughout the song. The incredible synth music opens the beautiful chorus, which sounds so majestic. It might be slow but it sounds so addicitive, especially with the guitar playing in the background, the synth beats, and the piano. The piano plays after the chorus for a while along with the synth beats, shortly the next verse begins. The bridge features that same piano playing accompanied with the synth. The final chorus then begins, which is basically a repeat of the original. Afterwards the song then begins to end with that same music. The lyrics mention graduation and other things such as “See you in the cross again” and “I want to keep smiling in your season.” This is an improvement as far as maturity and vocals go.

i CAN FLY, the rock song with bubbly girl vocals? This song is one of the first of Nami’s rock inspired songs. Nami begins by screaming in a cute little voice, which sounds a little annoying. The guitar playing throughout the song sounds nice but it’s so very forgettable. The chorus isn’t that great at all, it just doesn’t go will Nami’s vocals, and the background vocals were annoying. Just don’t listen to it, trust me.

Lost and Found, the better of the rock twins. Here again we have a rock song, one of the few by Nami. A few drums open up the song followed by some electric guitar riffs. The song is fast paced compared to the title track. The vocals sound fantastic by all means. And the chorus was absolutely riveting. It was catchy, fast, so infectious with the guitar riffs, and the vocals were excellent here. Nami proves that she can handle the rock genre with this little number.

Overall Review: CROSS SEASON was graduation in a new way. The title track screamed maturity and a new beginning. I just loved how it felt in all together. The vocals were amazing, the music was perfect, and the lyrics were so nostalgic. The two B-Sides were a little treat too. Who knew that Nami could handle rock tracks as well. I wish it did better on the charts but what can you do. It was the best way possible to begin the Don’t Stay Era.

Final Grade: 97A

4 Responses to “CROSS SEASON”
  1. Solarblade says:

    Ok, i gotta say Cross Season was pretty catchy and the PV was cool….but have u heard the Album Version? they totally destroyed it, i didnt like it at all if they had kept it the same the whole album could’ve been more varied….Not surprised at the fact that the B-Sides didnt make it. though I Can Fly’s beginning was 0.o

  2. diegwa says:

    I have, I think it sounded a heck of a lot nicer and more sincere than the album version. I’ll be reviewing the album next, well maybe, it all depends on if I can get a single of two from another artist.

  3. Solarblade says:

    cool cool, I do have to say Don’t Stay was a fine fine album, though it didn’t have high-charting singles unlike Make Progress but still a real good album overall

  4. Abubi says:

    This is one of my fav track! i listen to it over and over again.

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