Namidairo was YUI’s 12th single. It was released on February 27, 2007 and reached number 3 on the charts with 81,730 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 113,920+ copies. The title track would be used in the drama Yonshimai Tanteidan. And here again we have a B-Side that would not be added to the album. This is the third and final single in the I LOVED YESTERDAY Era.

1. Namidairo
2. I wanna be…
3. LOVE & TRUTH ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. Namidairo ~Instrumental~

Namidairo, lit. Tear Colored, the ballad. As some of you might know, I really don’t like most of YUI’s ballads. To be honest with you, they seem bland and dull at certain times. But this ballad is different. It sounds happier than the previous single, even though it might be sad, and it sounds a heck of a lot better. The song begins with an acoustic guitar playing along with the violins, which sound sad. The song moves so slowly as YUI sings the first verse. Shortly the chorus begins, and it’s actually an improvement from LOVE & TRUTH. The instruments are the violins and the acoustic guitar, and together they make such lovely music. It might not be that catchy, but it makes up for it in the lyrics and the beauty. The lyrics mention “…my tear-stained voice cannot be heard” along with “I want to become wilful even if it means being a nuisance.” The song basically repeats from there, but that’s all right. I find this song much more enjoyable than her previous title track.

I wanna be… the acoustic up-beat B-Side. This song is like most of her works, up-beat and acoustic powered. The song begins with an acoustic guitar playing until YUI begins to sing. The chorus follows shortly and it’s so amazing. With the guitars constantly playing it’s a lovely sound. It’s also quite catchy, and it sounds great, especially with the English. And her vocals were great, I didn’t think she overworked them like in some songs. What a traditional yet wonderful B-Side.

LOVE & TRUTH ~YUI Acoustic Version~ the acoustic version of the previous ballad. Here the vocals are the same, it’s just the music that was changed. But this time the music doesn’t fit the vocals. I think the acoustic guitars made this song worse. I think it was better before, despite how bad it sounded originally.

Overall Review: Namidairo was an improvement. It was much better than the previous single in more than one way. The ballad was tolerable and quite lovely, and the B-Side was YUI getting to her acoustic roots. I loved the fact that each was different and that each was so good nonetheless. Not the best way to end the I LOVED YESTERDAY Era, but that’s just my opinion.

Final Grade: 89B


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