LOVE & TRUTH was YUI’s 11th single. It was released on September 26, 2007 and reached number 1 on the charts with 87,491 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 144,230+ copies. The title track was used as the theme song in the movie Closed Note. And yet again the B-Side would not be featured on her newest studio album. This was the second single in the I LOVED YESTERDAY Era.

2. Jam
3. My Generation ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. LOVE & TRUTH ~Instrumental~

LOVE & TRUTH, the ballad theme. This song strikes me as a ballad, especially with the violins, which seem odd since the guitar is most commonly used in YUI’s songs. Anyway, the song begins with some very beautiful, but very sad music from the violins. Afterwards, YUI begins singing in a soft tone, until her voice seems to become more powerful. During the chorus, the violins return, and YUI’s vocals become stronger and filled with more emotion, and the guitar plays afterwards too. I can honestly say that it’s not really that catchy, or that great really. I do like how she sings it though, especially the first word, but besides that it’s just empty. From there it’s just verses then choruses. YUI is known more for her up-beat songs, that usually involve the acoustic guitar, rather than ballads, and this song is a good example. I know that YUI can make a good ballad, but this just isn’t it. The music was good, but in a sad way, almost teary. It’s just missing that “wow” factor yet again.

Jam, the rock arrangement. After that mishap with the ballad it’s nice to see YUI get to her roots with a rock song. The strums of a guitar open up the song, followed by YUI’s lovely voice and the acoustic guitar. This song seems more up-beat compared to the previous song, and better too. The verses seem long yet still great. And the chorus, well it sounds superb, it’s so incredible. It’s catchy, moves quickly, and it’s simple and to the point. And the lyrics are so creative, in a way or two. They mention “punk rock,” “Les Paul guitar,” and “JAM!” A lot better than that ballad.

My Generation ~YUI Acoustic Version~ acoustic again? This is the acoustic version of her previous single, My Generation. This version is more laid back, and relaxed. And instead of all those rock instrumentals, all that’s left here is the acoustic guitar. The vocals are the same, so that’s good. But all the fun elements were replaced by that fun sucking acoustic guitar, which I love but when it’s alone it can get annoying. Not the best acoustic version.

Overall Review: LOVE & TRUTH was awkwardness with a hint of rock inspiration. The title track was a bit boring in my opinion, and dull at times. I just can’t get used to the fact that YUI is trying to make a good ballad. I love YUI as an artist but she needs to step it up. I liked the B-Side much better than the A-Side, so that gives you some insight on the title track. And the acoustic version could’ve been better. Lovely but sad music for a sad single. Not the best for the I LOVED YESTERDAY Era,

Final Grade: 85C+

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