Yura Yura

Yura Yura was Hearts Grow’s 2nd single. It was released on December 6, 2006. I can’t find the number of units it sold or what number it reached on the charts, but it’s safe to assume it didn’t chart well. This single is most known for the title track, which was used as the 9th opening song for the popular anime Naruto. The first press edition came with a Naruto sticker.

Yura Yura - Hearts Grow

1. Yura Yura
2. Monogatari
3. Yura Yura (Instrumental)

Yura Yura, the brand new, pop sensation. To be honest with you, I had never heard of this song until my cousin, who also watches some anime, introduced it to me. And at first I thought it’d be another Haruka Kanata, which was really annoying. But this song is so much better. The song begins right away with some lovely vocals, and the chorus which shocked me. But in spite of that the song sounds very good. It moves somewhat fast, and it’s very catchy. The constant sounds of the guitars can be heard, along with the keyboards and drums. The next verse sounds so simple but it’s so good. The chorus then comes shortly. This time it sounds better somehow. I think it’s the vocals, especially the power in them. The guitar ends the chorus followed by the drums and the next verse. The best part of the song, besides the chorus, is the lyrics. The lyrics are so sweet, and yet so simple, and they really touch you in a way. They go on to mention “the glittering, twinkling stars, still shine on you” along with “a single vow” and “the two emotions.” Despite this coming from a very unknown band, it’s still fantastic. And the fact that it was used as the 9th Naruto opening was even better.

Monogatan, the twinkling ballad. The song begins with a beautiful little twinkle song. The piano then follows, and later the violins, until the first verse. The vocals sound so lively and emotionally driven. The chorus sounds so beautiful, especially with the piano and the violins. Here you’ll also notice that there are two people singing, rather than just one. The verses aren’t half bad either. But, I didn’t expect much from this song, so considering that it was great.

Overall Review: Yura Yura despite it being released in the winter, feels like a day at the beach single. But that could be because of the PV, and the CD package. There’s just so much fun, so much freedom, so much happiness. I really loved how most of the singles have that heart, it gives it a unifying feel. All of the instrumentals were great, in the music sense. I didn’t expect this single to be that good, or likable for that matter. But I can honestly say that this was pure beach bliss, and a great single.

Final Grade: 97A

5 Responses to “Yura Yura”
  1. renaye says:

    i would surely look out for their narutp soundtrack.

  2. kamel . c says:

    this is great team.

  3. x-misato-x says:

    Yura yura: The best song of Naruto’s startings!!!!!!! XD

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