DEEP FOREST was Do As Infinity’s 3rd album. It was released on September 19, 2001 and reached number 1 on the charts, and has sold over 609,000+ copies. This was the band’s second, and last, number 1 studio album and there best studio album to date. It was released in a regular CD edition and a first press edition.

1. Fukai Mori
2. Tooku Made (Album Version)
3. Tadaima
4. Get yourself
5. Tsubasa no Keikaku
6. Kouzou Kaikaku
7. Koi Otome
8. Week!
9. Hang out
10. Boukensha-tachi
11. Enrai
12. SIGNAL (Album Remix) (First Press Bonus Track)

Fukari Mori, lit. Deep Forest, the popular end song. This song was original used in the popular anime Inuyasha as the second ending, and it’s what boosted their popularity to new heights. The song begins with an acoustic guitar playing until Van, the vocalist, begins to sing. Her vocals sound deep compared to other artists, but it’s still feminine. The drums then begin to play more until the climatic chorus begins. The violins signal it’s arrival along with drums. It sounds so catchy, even though it seems slow paced at times, and the lyrics are so beautiful, mentioning “As we live on, we lose a little bit more.” And the flute at the end gives it a great little touch. The next few verses are sung followed by the chorus, shortly afterwards the bridge begins. If you thought the bridges in Ayumi’s songs were great you have no idea, this bridge is a mixture of the violins, flutes, drums, and the acoustic guitar, and it sounds so lifting, and so energetic, almost like running through a forest. The final two choruses begin and then the song ends with the final verse, saying “We live our lives standing frozen to the spot, unable to cry out, for eternity.” No wonder it’s one of my favorite songs from DAI.

Tooku Made (Album Version) lit. Far Away, a rock tune. This version differs from the single version in a minor way, mostly the beginning instrumentals. The song begins with Van singing in English “So faraway, just faraway” followed by the guitar strumming, it’s not until she’s done that the guitar becomes more powerful. The first verse then comes and there’s a little twist, there are some whispers with some great voice distortions, that sound so different and yet so good. Then the chorus begins with some English kicking it off, followed by the Van’s amazing vocals, which are really able to get those high notes. The way she sings Tooku Made, is really the highlight of the song for me, and therefore the best part. Afterwards the guitar and drums play until the next verse. The bridge is a strong electric guitar solo with some circuitry sounds built in, and they lead into the final chorus that ends the song of a great note.

Tadaima, lit. I’m Home, a sweet rock tune . Van’s vocals open up the song followed by the drums and guitars playing. The first verse begins and it sounds OK. The vocals sound nice for the most part, and the music is great. The first chorus then begins, and it sounds sweet at a point. It’s not very aggressive but it’s not that happy, well it doesn’t sound that happy, it’s more like relaxing rather than sugary happiness. But it still sounds nice and a little catchy at the end. The bridge is a Native American flute playing followed by the drums and guitars, not a bad bridge at all.

Get yourself, a quick short rock arrangement. The song begins with a guitar instrumental, followed by Van’s vocals. The verses move rather quickly until the chorus. The chorus uses some English and it’s not half bad, but it’s really not that catchy. It seems very short and very repetitive in so many ways. I think that this song could’ve been better but what can you do?

Tsubasa no Keikaku lit. Plan for Wings, pop-rock fusion? This song was originally the B-Side to Fukai Mori, and it’s not half bad. A little twinkling sound opens up the song followed by Van ab-libbing. The first verse begins and it’s not half bad, but it’s the chorus that outshines everything. The chorus is pure rock with the guitar, and Van’s vocals are at the height of perfection. It’s a little catchy for the most part but the vocals are the best. Afterwards the guitars die down and that pop sound returns. The song basically goes next verse and final choruses. It’s not bad for a B-Side, especially with the aggressive guitar solo as the bridge.

Kouzou Kaikaku lit. New Foundation, the rock celebration. At first some middle eastern music opens up the song, and it sounds so creepy, but after thirty seconds or so the music changes into a guitar backed percussion song. The verses seem so long and it becomes annoying quickly. During the chorus the percussion instruments drown out of Van’s vocals and that’s where it gets on my nerves. From there it all goes down hill. This is my least favorite song on the album, simply terrible.

Koi Otome, lit. A Girl’s Love, the synth-uped guitar song. The song begins with a lovely synth guitar solo, better than most openings in my opinion. The first verse sounds sweet and innocent, but then the next is more rock oriented and aggressive. The chorus follows shortly and it’s so superb. With the music it sounds better than imaginable, and than to top it all off it’s catchy. The constant guitar riffs are so great, and with Van’s vocals they make a heavenly combination. The song is still very rock oriented, but the whole synth background music makes it better, almost like casino music in a way. One of my new favorites.

Week! the spring acoustic festival. The reason I use festival is because it sounds so happy, so it’s not really festival like music wise, but just happy in general terms. The song is opened up with some hip-hop beats it seems, followed by an acoustic then electric guitar playing. The first few verses sound so nice, and Van’s vocals are great. The chorus here sound so happy, so energetic, and it’s very catchy. The acoustic guitar and the electric guitar give it that quality factor, and a nice little ring, or touch. I was just really shocked how happy and up-beat this song was, it was a nice change. Not a bad song, or single for that matter.

Hang out, a mid-tempo rock spirit. This song begins with some guitar riffs, followed by the drums. The verses here are all right, but they seem a little bland. The chorus here sounds a lot better, the violins give it some strings flare that it so desperately needs. It’s not that catchy, but Van’s vocals are great here. This song just didn’t have that wow factor that so many of the songs had. I’m not saying that I hate it, but, it’s just not that good in my opinion.

Boukensha-tachi lit. Adventurers. The song begins with a base playing, followed by some more rock music. From there Van sings the first verse, which isn’t really that great, but it’s OK. It’s not until the chorus begins that the song gets more interesting. It’s very fast for the most part, and it’s so addictive. Van’s vocals here are surprisingly great, and those high notes are fantastic. The lyrics are interesting, and a little adventurous, mentioning a “new frontier,” I guess it’s where an adventurer would go.

Enrai, lit. Distant Thunder, the ballad of the album. Well I guess there has to be at least one ballad on an album, and this is that ballad. I know that DAI is known for there rock songs but for ballads? Well, the song begins with an acoustic guitar playing followed by the piano. Van then begins to sing is a soft voice. The chorus is so beautiful and lovely. With the violins playing it gives it a stronger feel. Not to catchy, but it’s a ballad, so I don’t mind. The only problem I had was with the vocals, there wasn’t any power in Van’s vocals, just a little change would be different, but she was able to hit those high notes well. Not bad for a rock band.

SIGNAL (Album Remix) the techno remix. For those lucky few that bought the first press of this album, this was the first press bonus track. The original version appears on the single Tooku Made. The original version had a pop feel, but this version is lengthened. Basically there is a long dance/techno/electrica intro, followed by that same music. The music sounds a little creepy, but mostly synth oriented. The chorus sounds great here, and the music just makes it so catchy and up-beat sounding. This is my favorite remix from DAI, as this is one of the few. A fantastic way to end their third album.

Overall Review: DEEP FOREST was lush paradise of diversity and quality. Each song, despite sounding similar with the rock elements, sounded so different and so unique. I really loved most of the tracks on this album, for most were written and performed so well. The tie-in songs were excellent, and even the ones that weren’t, they were magnificent. It’s not a surprise why this is their best studio album. Another great album for Do As Infinity.

Final Grade: 96A

5 Responses to “DEEP FOREST”
  1. fatima says:

    hola soy fanatica de fukai mori

  2. fatima says:

    me encanta fukai mori

  3. Die says:

    a mi tambien!

    lo siento, me espanol es mas o menos.

  4. fafan says:

    i’m big fan fukai mori……………
    my name is fafan
    i always wait your e-mail for me.
    i’m a boy from indonesia
    don’t forget send your e-mail at;
    i wait it….

  5. denis says:

    ia m from indonesia, i am big fan fukai mori……..

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