My Generation / Understand

My Generation / Understand was YUI’s 10th single. It was released on June 13, 2007 and reached number 1 on the charts with 79,277 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 135,093+ copies, and on top of that it was YUI’s first number 1 single. The second A-Side Understand would not be on her newest album, perhaps due to it’s low popularity. This was the first single in the I LOVED YESTERDAY Era.

1. My Generation
2. Understand
3. CHE.R.RY ~YUI Acoustic Version~
4. My Generation ~Instrumental~

My Generation, the up-beat and pleasant acoustic tune. A fast acoustic guitar playing opens up the song, later followed by YUI’s sweet vocals. The verses seem to get faster while being propelled by the drums and guitars. Then the chorus begins, and does it sound amazing. It’s so quick paced and the lyrics sound great. It’s overall very catchy, and the final line which uses English sounds even better. The next few verses are sung, and with the guitar and drums they sound so fantastic, until the next chorus plays. This time the lyrics are a little different, but nonetheless they are great. The bridge is a guitar solo with the drums playing. The next verse sounds soft for a while until the instrumentals pick up and the final chorus begins. It’s a little shorter than the first two, but it’s still sounds superb. Another great song from YUI.

Understand, a soft ballad. This is one of the first few ballads I’ve heard from YUI and to be honest with you it’s not the best. Again the acoustic guitar is present for most of the song, along with some violins. The chorus sounds all right, but it’s not that catchy or powerful. I think if YUI’s vocals were better it would’ve been a better song, or if it sounded better in general. No wonder it wasn’t added to I LOVED YESTERDAY.

CHE.R.RY ~YUI Acoustic Version~ the signature B-Side. Like all of YUI’s singles, this one contains an acoustic version of her previous single. I haven’t heard the original but if it’s like this version it should be good. The vocals are great, and the music sounds so happy and care free. The chorus sounds all right, but I think it could’ve been better. This is still a nice song either way you look at it.

Overall Review: My Generation / Understand was a new popular acoustic hit. Her A-Sides still manage to amaze me each time, and her B-Sides sound great with that acoustic sound. While the ballad was lackluster, it could have been worse. But the main A-Side was excellent, and it was so up-beat. Not a bad way at all to begin the I LOVED YESTERDAY Era.

Final Grade: 90B

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  1. […] My Generation, the up-beat English inspired track. I was so happy to see this song on the album, especially after it took a long time for her to release some good singles. This song features the guitar, acoustic guitar, and drums. The verses seem long, but take hardly anytime to sing. The choruses are fast, up-beat, and so addictive. With that guitar playing in the chorus and the frequent use of English this song is easily the best song released as a single, and one of the best tracks on the album. […]

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