Mirrorcle World

Mirrorcle World was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 43rd physical single, 44th overall. It was released on April 8, 2008, exactly 10 years after her debut single “poker face” and reached number 1 on the charts with 149,797 copies sold. In all this single has sold over  166,295+ copies. This single is her first single since Bold & Delicious / Pride to not have the number 1 position on the daily charts for the entire first week, but it is currently the highest first week sales of a solo female artist. For the first two days, it had high sales and was number 1 but then dropped until the seventh day where it later reached number 1, and after the first few days of being number 2 it shot back up, the most logical theory is that her second Asia Tour helped the boost in sales. This is also marked as her 10th anniversary single, celebrating her 10th anniversary in the music industry. Because of this, two of her B-Sides were recorded, much like A BEST. This single came in 6 different editions. Two were Deluxe CD+DVD editions featuring YOU, and the other was with Depend on you. Another two were the CD+DVD editions featuring YOU or Depend on you. Finally a CD only edition featuring either YOU or Depend on you was released. But all editions featured the B-Side Life.

YOU Edition
1. Mirrorcle World
2. Life
3. YOU (10th Anniversary version)
4. Mirrorcle World (Instrumental)
5. Life (Instrumental)
6. YOU (10th Anniversary version-Instrumental-)

Depend on you Edition
1. Mirrorcle World
2. Life
3. Depend on you (10th Anniversary version)
4. Mirrorcle World (Instrumental)
5. Life (Instrumental)
6. Depend on you (10th Anniversary version-Instrumental-)

Mirrorcle World, the introduction turned full song. Mirrorcle World is the the full song created from GUILTY’s intro Mirror, whether or not Mirrocle World was first that has not been stated yet; but, it’s unlikely. Many people have expressed how they wanted her introductions to become full songs, this is the first song to do some. On the other hand, some people believe that this is somewhat of a re-cut single, with the exception of Life. The song opens up with an array of string instruments for almost a minute, although in that one minute the music manages to sound so sad. Shortly afterwards that dial-up internet connection noise begins along with that ominous carnival music. Ayumi then sings the first part of the song, mainly the original Mirror. The chorus follows next, and it sounds riveting. The guitar riffs and that rock & roll vibe comes into play. The lyrics mention if she imagined this future, or if she wished for it. Afterwards, the new part of the song begins followed by another chorus. This time the new chorus sounds even better, mostly because the little English in it and the bridge following it. The bridge is a mixture of guitar playing, yet it seems different, and some light mystical sounding music. Then Ayumi’s vocals become softer as she sings yet another verse followed by a mirror shattering, and then some all English words. By then though the rock aspect of the song has come into play. The original chorus then follows, and it includes some English this time. At that point the song takes on the original verses of Mirror as it ends with Ayumi asking “Or…?” What a phenomenal song that’s all I can say.

Life, the sad yet positive soft rock ballad. Soft rock yet again, by this time some fans are already rocked out especially with songs like fated, GUILTY, Talkin’2 Myself etc., but NOT this time. Life is better than all those songs in so many ways, so this time it’s good. The song opens up with a guitar solo, that seems softer than usual. Ayumi then begins singing in a lighter tone. And the verses sound so beautiful, especially this part of the song sounds like a ballad. Then the chorus begins and it sounds so magnificent, and is catchy in its own way. The guitar then plays into the next verses where the music is softer and resembles a ballad. Another fantastic chorus follows and it sounds so great, mostly happy though despite how sad the song is. The guitar plays yet again into the final chorus, which sounds so gorgeous and Ayumi’s vocals are full of power. Afterwards the music begins to fade as the song ends. I loved this song because Ayumi’s vocals were so strong and full of emotion, power, and Life. The lyrics were so beautiful too, and they weren’t masked by the music. It also reminded me of SEASONS, a hit from 2000, so that’s a great plus. Hopefully this song will have a PV, it certainly deserves one.

YOU (10th Anniversary version), a new recording of a popular song. YOU was originally released as one of Ayumi’s first singles, and times have changed single those 10 years ago, especially her voice. This version is more rock based than the original and Ayumi’s vocals are deeper, and a lot more powerful in my opinion. So because of that, I will not mention anything else about the original song. The song begins with a lovely guitar solo, that sounds so soft and not harsh like in Decision. Shortly she begins singing the first verse in some beautiful vocals until she sings the chorus. The chorus is mainly a combination of the guitar, drums, and perhaps the piano. It sounds so beautiful too, even the guitar playing sounds magnificent, and despite it not being that catchy it’s amazingly good. Followed by the guitar the next verses begin followed by the second chorus, which sounds as good as the first. Afterwards the piano leads into the final chorus, which is without the guitar until the second half, and it sounds better than the first which is hard to believe. But the lyrics were so superb in every sense of the word. It mentioned “the spring wing, summer clouds, the autumn sky, and the winter beach” so beautiful and vivid, well the whole lyrics anyway. This song is much better than the original, that’s for sure.

Depend on you (10th Anniversary version), a new set of vocals on a rock hit. The original version of this song was released as a single, and compared to the new version it’s quite different. Again the vocals are different and the guitar is different in this song, and the length of the song is longer. The song begins with a steady instrumental provided by the guitar, followed by Ayumi singing the chorus, which is then followed by a more powerful guitar solo. Afterwards a few more verses are sung, which actually sound great. Then the chorus returns, and it sounds so great, my favorite part about it is that it’s so catchy. The next few verses are sung she gets to the next chorus which is followed by the bridge, which is a guitar playing with the drums. During the final chorus the instrumentals soften to a point where only Ayumi’s voice is heard, following that, they return and Ayumi’s vocals become stronger. And the song ends with the guitar playing. A much improved version of the original.

Overall Review: Mirrorcle World was a sad, yet profound single. All of the tracks were rock oriented, giving it a more central rock theme, rather than two complete opposites. I liked how there were six different singles to chose from, especially the covers, but I think it would’ve been better if the songs were on one disk, but that’s marketing for you. But still, this is one of Ayumi’s best singles in years and puts Talkin’2 Myself to shame. What a memorable way to begin her 10th Anniversary and new Era.

Final Review: 100A+

2 Responses to “Mirrorcle World”
  1. blackmager says:

    Oh god yes.
    I loved this single so much.
    Mirrorcle World was genius, and Life was rather corny, but sad and a good listen at the same time.

  2. nov1st says:

    I love Mirrorcle World,,I thought Ayu is very good at acting..her expression are veyr good! I dont know how they filmed the part where she is surrounded by those guys in the telephone box and she yell at them…it looked kind funny/..;;;

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