appears was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 11th single. It was released on November 10, 1999 and reached number 2 on the charts with 273,760 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 290,550+ copies. This single was released on the same day as her second studio album album LOVEppears, and was limited to 300,000 copies. The cover caused a bit of controversy since Ayumi was half naked with her breasts being covered by her hair. This also happened with the cover of LOVEppears. This is also the last single in the LOVEppears Era, unless you include kanaryia and Fly High.

1. appears “99 Greeting Mix”
2. appears “Scud Filter Mix”
3. appears “Dub’s Eurotech Remix”
4. WHATEVER “Ferry ‘System F’ Corsten dub mix”
5. appears “JP’s SoundFactory Mix”
6. appears “HAL’s MIX”
7. immature “D-Z DUAL LUCIFER MIX”
8. WHATEVER “Ferry ‘System F’ Corsten vocal extended mix”
9. appears “Keith Litman’s Mix of Truth”
10. immature “JT Original CM Version”
11. appears “99 Greeting Mix” (Instrumental)
12. immature “JT Original CM Version” (Instrumental)

appears “99 Greeting Mix” the pop spirit with a little guitar flare. This is the original version of the song, just named differently like the single of this time. The song opens up with some jingle bells followed by some synth music and later a piano. As soon as the piano begins to play Ayumi begins to sing the chorus, although at this point it isn’t as good, mostly because the music isn’t that good. But afterwards the music picks up and becomes stronger and then the verses begin. Then the chorus returns, but with better music and here it sounds so much catchier. Ayumi’s vocals here are excellent, especially during the high notes. The song basically repeats after that. This song isn’t half bad once you get used to it.

immature “JT Original CM Version” the rock and roll track with a little synth. This song begins with Ayumi singing and the piano accompanies her, followed by some synth music. After a few seconds Ayumi begins singing again until the gets to the chorus. The chorus sounds pretty good, especially with the beginning where she sings it fast then slows down. From there the rock part of the song takes over. Another interesting track for an interesting single.

Overall Review: appears was an revealing yet inspiring single. The title track was superb in every sense of the word. It was so catchy and so amazing. I also liked how it mentioned lovers in the song, kind of nice. The B-Side wasn’t as good, but whenever are B-Sides as good as the title tracks. What an unusual yet great way to end the LOVEppears Era.

Final Grade: 98A+

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  1. […] immature “Album Version” a new mix. This is a remix to some extent of the original version found on the appears single. This version differs from the original version, most notably in the guitar and keyboard music. The guitar plays a role here like in the original but it’s softer, and has a higher pitch. But otherwise this is the same song, the vocals are all the same. But here they sound better, then again so does the music. A much better version of immature. […]

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