LOVE ~Destiny~

LOVE ~Destiny~ was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 7th single. It was released on April 14, 1999 and reached number 1 on the charts with 70,540 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 650,790+ copies. This was also Ayumi Hamasaki’s first number 1 single. The title track wouldn’t be added to the album, instead it would be rerecorded into another song, and the B-Side was only included on this single.

1. LOVE ~Destiny~
2. LOVE ~since 1999~
3. LOVE ~Destiny~ (Instrumental)
4. LOVE ~since 1999~ (Instrumental)

LOVE ~Destiny~ the oh so sweet love ballad. The song begins with a beautiful piano playing softly followed by Ayumi’s soft vocals. During the parts of the verses, violins can be heard playing creating an even more heavenly sound. The chorus is signaled by an increase of the strings and it sounds pretty good, to say the least. This ballad was very generic, it was so dull sadly to say. I think it would’ve been better if Ayumi’s vocals had some range to them. You can tell that this was one of her first few singles considering her voice sounds a lot different. This might be a sweet ballad, but with a bit of sweetness comes a bit of dullness. But the ending part sounded good, maybe it’s not so bad.

LOVE ~since 1999~, the fated duet. This song is the only duet, as of yet, between Ayumi and another artist, namely Tsunku. The song opens up some piano keys followed by what seems to be a guitar riff, but then the piano keys play a bit until what seemingly an oriental string instrument begins play. First Tsunku begins singing followed by Ayumi. Ayumi’s vocals sound so spectacular here but Tsunku, well it could’ve been better. The verses sounded so great with the guitar, but the chorus was the best. The music was just perfect, and the vocals were superb. Some English was used and it sounded pretty bad considering Ayumi didn’t master English at that time. But it could’ve been worse. I must say that I liked this song better than LOVE ~Destiny~. THis song hasn’t been released on any album as of yet and might not be.

Overall Review: LOVE ~Destiny~ was a good single to say the least. I just really couldn’t get into the the single that much. It’s really bad when you like the B-Side over the title track, so it says something about the single. But considering that it was her first number 1 some people must’ve felt it was good. However, not a bad single for the LOVEppears Era.

Final Grade: 88B


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