Future Reviews & Blog Stats

First of all, for those that care, here are some Blog Starts:
There are now 140 posts, at least 125 are reviews…I think.
There have been 9,144 blog views.
Best day: Feb 14, 2008 354 Views.
Best day this month: March 17, 2008 280 views
4,156 views for the month of March, a new record!

Future Reviews:
Ayumi Hamasaki – LOVEppears, WHATEVER, A, Mirrorcle World, &, No way to say, and forgiveness
Utada Hikaru – automatic / time will tell, Movin’ on without you, and First Love
BoA- DO THE MOTION, make a secret, Dakishimeru, Everlasting, and OUTGROW
K – Brand New Map
Do As Infinity – DEEP FOREST
Every Little Thing – Door
YUI – My Generation / Understand, LOVE & TRUTH, Namidairo, and I LOVED YESTERDAY

Please remember that there are A LOT of reviews and require A LOT of time. School with AP courses gets harder and demands more time and effort, so the reviews might be coming out slower. BUT I will try to review one of each within the month of April, but as people can see I’m working on Ayumi’s LOVEppears Era, so expect that soon. Albums will also take a total of two days or more and singles will take 1 day or less. Just please be patient. And remember I still take requests. And I hope you all enjoy the newer reviews, I just found out that I can edit photos, so that makes it a little easier on the eyes. Get ready for the new reviews!

3 Responses to “Future Reviews & Blog Stats”
  1. blackmager says:

    Good luck with that!
    I’m really looking forward to them.

  2. Lucy says:

    Thank you for putting up these reviews and taking your time and effort to do this! i enjoy reading them and they do make me consider buying certain albums. Although I have to admit you seem to like a lot of the artists and give them really high marks nothing short of 80 i haven’t seen yet XD Keep up the awesome work.

  3. diegwa says:

    Well, it’s because i like their singles, and albums, I still haven’t reviewed singles that i dislike, but give it a week or two, I’m sure there’ll be something I don’t like.

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