Destiny Line

Destiny Line was Leah Dizon’s 1st studio album. It was released on September 12, 2007 and reached number 9 on the charts with 27,502 copies sold. In all the album has sold over 55,091+ copies, that’s pretty good considering it was her first Japanese album and that she’s from the US. Leah also wrote 10 of the 14 songs on the album, not a bad start. This album was also released in CD and CD+DVD editions. On the CD+DVD edition a special mini-documentary was featured to the DVD track list.

2. Everything Anything
3. Missing
4. Koi Shiyou♪
5. Unmei-sen
6. Could you be that one?
7. Are you feelin’ for me?
8. Softly
9. Time (Clock Of The Heart)
10. Aishiteru~Love Story
11. Wonderlin’
12. L·O·V·E U
13. Drive me crazy
14. Again and Again
15. Koi Shiyou♪ ~yasutaka nakata-capsule mix~ (CD Only Bonus Track)

IMPOSSIBLE, the brass blasting opening. The song opens up with some brass instruments, followed by Leah’s vocals. Yet again Leah sings some English during the verses and the chorus, but it’s a good thing not a bad thing. The mood of the song seems a little pop with a bit of hip-hop. The chorus sounds great, filled with some edgy lyrics along with some English words. The music seems to fit the song very well. Not a bad opening to her first studio album.

Everything Anything, the cheery letdown. This song was included as a B-Side to her first single Softly. I normally love B-Sides but this song didn’t do it for me. The vocals were OK, but they sounded a little weak. The chorus did sound good, and the music was great though. I really think that the song could’ve been a bit better. For this B-Side’s full review, click here.

Missing, an acoustic ballad. The song begins with an acoustic guitar playing softly. Leah then begins to sing in Japanese ad in English. The chorus follows shortly. The chorus is a mixture of Leah’s vocals along with another groups vocals in the background, that’s what really kills it for me. The ballad seems sad throughout the entire song since the lyrics mention “I Miss You.” But besides that the song is very good.

Koi Shiyou♪, finally an up-beat happy song. This song was released as the second single in this era. It features some nice music beats and has that distinct summer feel to it. I love the song because it sounds so happy, but there are some flaws. The vocals seem repetitive at times, and the pace is a little too slow. Don’t let that stop you from listening, the song is worth its weight in gold. For the review, click here.

Unmei-sen, lit. Destiny Line, a slow paced pop ballad. This song gives its translated name to the album. The song opens up with some birds chirping followed by an acoustic guitar and some synth instruments in the background. The vocals are great and seems so at peace. The verses move so quickly and lead into the chorus. The chorus is a mixture of English and Japanese, and they come together to create an almost magical chorus. It’s quite catchy on the slow side of things, and it moves so smoothly. This was a great title track for the song and the album. This is easily on the softer side of Leah’s music.

Could you be that one? an up-beat pop song. Here we have yet another B-Side song on the album. This B-Side was released with Koi Shiyou♪. The verses were great, along with Leah’s vocals even though they seem high. The chorus sounded great, especially with the English. Towards the end you can hear some deeper vocals, and they too sound great. Click here for Could you be that one?’s review.

Are you feelin’ for me? an all English song. This time, Leah brings her A game by singing this song in English only. The music seems a bit dark especially with the synth instrumentals. The chorus sounds OK, but that’s about it, nothing jumped out at me. But the song was good, that can’t be denied.

Softly, the soft heart warming ballad. This song began it all for Leah, as it was the first song to be released as a physical single in Japan. The song moves so smoothly and features a beautiful chorus and great vocals on Leah’s part. This was such a great way to begin her debut in Japan, and a great track on the album. For the single that started it all, click here.

Time (Clock Of The Heart), the synth-uped cover song. This is a cover song of the song of the same name made famous by Culture Club. It seems to me that this song is sung entirely in English. The verses sound great, and the chorus is mind blowing. Leah’s vocals are great, and they go well with the background vocals. After the chorus the word “Time” can be heard, but that’s not necessarily bad, it sounds good and reminds me of an oldies song. The lyrics mention how “Time won’t give me time,” quite interesting. This is one of Leah’s best songs in my opinion.

Aishiteru~Love Story, a R&B B-Side. This song is what I’d call R&B in the flesh. It’s one of Leah’s few R&B inspired songs. The song is a little up-tempo and features R&B beats throughout the song. Yet again Leah proves to us that her English skills along with her Japanese skills are able to mesh together to create another unique sounding song.  The chorus was good, but not the best. Still considering that this was a B-Side, it’s pretty good. Here is the full review of this little B-Side.

Wonderlin’, the sweet little pop song. Opening up with Leah’s vocals and some synth beats the song quickly becomes catchy from there. The song is really sugary/bubblegum pop all condensed into one song. The chorus is another fusion of English and Japanese lyrics that sound for the most part great, especially with the percussion instruments playing. From there it all seems to repeat, not that bad of a song really.

L·O·V·E U, did someone say cute and innocent? Released as the last single before the album’s release, this song features Leah singing in an innocent tone. The song begins with some English words that are quite catchy. The song screams cute and pop, very cute pop in my opinion. The chorus is a collaboration of English and Japanese and creates a cataclysmic chorus. Despite this being a cutesy pop song, it really stands out from the rest it seems. One of the best parts was the bridge of the song, which contained some whispered vocals and some great pop dance music, almost outer space like. Pop has met its match for sure. For the full review of this magical pop song click here.

Drive me crazy, the American model? One thing that stands out about this song is the American feel of it. It has a little urban feel to it, not much but a little. The verses sound a little aggressive for a Leah song, along with the chorus. But, the chorus does sound good, mostly because it’s catchy and the English, along with the the guitar playing. I just wish the song was a little better sadly.

Again and Again, the beautiful ballad. Again and Again was the first song that Leah and her brother composed together.  It’s also the first song on her album to be given a PV, even though it wasn’t released as a radio single or digital single for that matter. The music is mostly water droplets and some strings. The lyrics were amazing and sounded so lovely. Again there’s a good amount of English used in this song, so that helps a bit. Leah really saved th best for last it seemed.

Koi Shiyou♪ ~yasutaka nakata-capsule mix~, the remix with all the beats. This song was originally released as a digital single, but also on the album as a CD only edition bonus track. This remix was remixed by Yasutaka Nakata of Capsule, hence the remix name. Here most of the background music has been replaced by synth and dance elements, making the song a bit more exciting. The song’s length is also extended, and that’s not a bad thing either. Leah’s vocals also seem a bit distorted; but, it makes the song even better. The chorus sounds greater than the original as catchy dance/electronic beats replace the seemingly boring original music. This is by far her best remix, and her only one as of yet. Not a bad ending song either.

Overall Review: Destiny Line was WOW! Or really mind blowing, either way it was fantastic. All the singles were great from this period. And the new tracks sounded even better at times. The album also featured a great mix of genres, as well as variety. The fact that Leah wrote 10 of the 14 is really amazing and it makes the album better, as it does with other artists. The title track seemed to be one of the better tracks on the album, a nice little touch. And the songs that were sung in English were just was good as the English-Japanese songs, that seems to be a rarity today. This is one of the best albums from an American artist that ventured into Japan. Props to Leah and her great debut album.

Final Grade: 95A

2 Responses to “Destiny Line”
  1. blackmager says:

    Ah, nice to see you enjoyed it too.
    Her vocals need to be worked on, but I find it amazing how she wrote all of these songs, and the music is very enjoyable too.

  2. Kahori says:

    I liked this album too, even if some of the songs weren’t to my taste. I certainly admire her for the amount of effort she puts in and the fact she wrote all the lyrics is commendable. The only thing that annoyed me was the overtuse of backing vocals in some of the songs, especially missing. I think Leah could have done a excellent job singing by herself. Haha. It really annoyes me when backing singers are used unnecesarily 😛

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