L·O·V·E U was Leah Dizon’s 3rd single. It was released on August 8, 2007 and reached number 16 on the charts with 12,489 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 16,240+ copies. This is also Leah’s last single in the Destiny Line Era.

1. L·O·V·E U
2. Brand New Day

L·O·V·E U, an up-beat summer pop song. This song is perhaps the most pop inspired song that Leah’s sung. The song begins with some really up-beat music that sounds so happy. The next thing you know Leah begins singing some English words, that actually sound quite good. Then Leah begins singing in that soft sweet voice of hers and as she does the music complements her and it sounds so great, especially the beats. The chorus is a mixture of Japanese and English, it’s similar to the opening English words. It sounds so up-beat and so catchy, and it’s so very happy and cute. A few more verses are sung, followed by the chorus then the bridge, and then a few more verses followed by the final chorus. The song ends on a happy note, so that’s good. For a sugary pop song, it’s quite good.

Brand New Day, a fast acoustic tune. This song isn’t quite as good as the A-Side, so don’t be disappointed. It features so fast beats and is powered by an acoustic guitar. Throughout the song a good amount of English can be heard. The chorus is somewhat catchy, but that’s about it. It’s your average B-Side material. Still it’s not bad.

Overall Review: L·O·V·E U was a superb single. It featured an overall happy mood, that seems rare nowadays for some artists. The title track was fantastic considering it was you generic sugary pop song, and the B-Side was a bit mediocre but that’s still OK. This was a great way to end the Destiny Line Era.

Final Grade: 93B+


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