60s70s80s was Namie Amuro’s 32nd single. It was released on March12, 2008 and reached number 2 on the charts with 114,719 copies sold. However in the second week it became number 1 with a second week total of 38,162 copies. This has become Namie’s first number 1 in 10 years. In all this single has sold more than 271,987+ copies, surpassing her sales of Baby Don’t Cry. These sales total are also the highest since Never End back in 2001. This is also her first tripple A-Sided single, and each song represented a different decade in music. None of these songs are cover songs, so they are different than the original. Finally, all songs were used in Vidal Sassoon CM’s, making it one of Namie’s most promoted singles.

4. NEW LOOK (Instrumental)
5. ROCK STEADY (Instrumental)
6. WHAT A FEELING (Instrumental)

NEW LOOK, the new spin on a 60s Mowtown classic. This song samples parts of the song Baby Love made famous by The Supremes, and represents the 60s. This song has that distinct Mowtown feel to it. The song begins with Namie singing a few English words and that mowtown music playing. Namie’s vocals are sweet here and actually pretty good. The lyrics sound a bit humorous as it mentions ice cream flavors, shoes, and a New Look, but that’s fine by me. The chorus was pretty good, and overall catchy. It reminded me a bit of the original song, so that was a great bonus. But overall this song didn’t do it for me. It’s still good, but I just felt that it was the weakest of the three.

ROCK STEADY, a twist on the ever popular 70’s hit by the Queen Of Soul. This song samples parts of the song of the same name made famous by Aretha Franklin, and represents the 70s. This song has that distinct urban/hip-hop feel to it. The song opens up with some English words and some very catchy music. Then Namie begins the verses, which sound so catchy. There are a few phrases in English, but mostly Japanese. Then she begins the chorus. The chorus is so great, somewhat short, but still great. It’s so catchy in general and it’s so amazing. Some more verses follow and then the next chorus begins. The Ooo la la la… sounds great, even for Namie, then one more big verse, then the final chorus. The final chorus sounds even better than I thought possible. What a great twist on an already popular hit.

WHAT A FEELING, the Japanese remake of an 80s worldwide hit. This song samples parts of the song of the same name made popular by Irene Cara, and represents the 80s. This song also has that distinct techno-dance quality to it. The song opens up with some synth-like music and a few dance beats. Namie then begins with verses, some parts in English but mostly in Japanese. Then the pre-chorus begins with that Ooh, ooh, ooh… Shortly afterwards the chorus begins and that famous “What a feelin'” can be heard. It really reminds me of the original English song, which sounded so great. Another few verses begin and then some more choruses start. The final chorus is so great. Afterwards the song ends with that same beginning music. Despite this not being a cover song, Namie does the original song justice in my opinion.

Overall Review: 60s70s80s was a mind blowing single. This single, by far, is Namie’s best single in years. All the songs were great, and they were nostalgic almost. I really liked how each represented a decade in music, something new for Namie. And most were new spins on popular hits, even though they weren’t cover songs. This is also my favorite single since it features so American songs that I love, even though they’re really Japanese. Hopefully this is the new direction Namie’s music will be heading in. This is the perfect single to begin Namie’s new era.

Final Grade: 100A+

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