Winter Love

Winter Love was BoA’s 22nd single. It was released on November 11, 2006 and reached number 2 on the charts with 42,481 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 99,078+ copies, making it her most successful single since DO THE MOTION. The high sales of this single is quite rare as it was the last single before the album was to be released and it was only two months away, but I guess that two months made all the difference. This is also the 3rd and final single in her MADE IN TWENTY(20) Era.


1. Winter Love
2. Candle Lights
4. Winter Love (TV MIX)
5. Candle Lights (TV MIX)

Winter Love the winter ballad. This song begins with that Christmas/winter ballad music, and with some bells playing. BoA’s voice sounds so beautiful here and the music complements her voice. The chorus here is so powerful and filled with emotion and BoA’s voice is strong and majestic. This is the best chorus of a ballad that I’ve heard from her, it’s better than most of her singles. You can also hear some guitar sounds and they sound so magnificent. The verses are simply amazing and sound so at peace. This is bar far the most impressive song on the album.

Candle Lights a modern ballad. I say modern because it has that new ballad feel. You can hear an acoustic guitar play during some parts. The chorus here is a disappointment after hearing Winter Love, but it’s still OK. There’s a bit of English here in the song but very little. I think it’s a great song, but after Winter Love it’s appeal goes down.

LAST CHRISTMAS, a new spin on a classic. This is a cover song of the song by the same name made famous by WHAM! Last Christmas was a first press bonus track and was only avaliable for a certain time. This song is sung in English and features some new music, but the melody is the same. I personally loved this song when it was first sung by WHAM! but now listening to it again I love it even more. BoA’s English is superb and the music is fantastic. The lyrics are as beautiful as ever and BoA does the song some justice. The chorus is amazing and sounds incredible. What a great spin on a classic Christmas song.

Overall Review: Winter Love was a beautiful single. I loved how it had that overall winter vibe. It featured two beautiful ballads and one classic Christmas tune. Its no wonder that it did so well on the charts. This single was a beautiful way to end her MADE IN TWENTY(20) Era.

Final Grade: 98A+


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