MADE IN TWENTY(20) was BoA’s 5th studio album. This album was released on January 17, 2007 and reached number 1 on the charts with 182,009 copies sold. In all this album has sold more than 348,093+ copies. This album contains the all the singles from Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~ / Your Color to Winter Love. Not only did it reach number 1 on the Japanese charts, but it also reached number 1 on the United World Charts, aka the global charts. The title was chosen mostly because when BoA released this album she was 20, kinda figures.

1. Lady Galaxy
2. Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~
3. Winter Love
7. OUR LOVE ~to my parents~
8. no more make me sick
9. Revolution-CODE:1986-1105 Feat.RAH-D
10. Your Color
11. Prayer
12. Candle Lights
13. Gracious Days
15. Winter Love (Live ver.)

Lady Galaxy, the beginning. First off this song has that R&B vibe to it. The song begins right off with BoA singing in English. She begins the verses and you can hear a background voice singing “I’m Lady Galaxy.” The chorus is so catchy and the music makes it even better. The grammar could be better but that’s besides the point. The music is really catchy and has an ominous beat. The lyrics mention BoA saying that her “heart is starship, nobody can stop it, yes I’m Lady Galaxy.” After that it gets a little repetitive but that’s OK by me. This song was the best way to open up the album.

Nanairo no Ashita ~brand new beat~ the sugary pop song. This song is really the pop song of the album. The chorus is great, but still needs a little something. The music is pretty good.  This song was released along with Your Color to be the first single of this era. Overall a nice addition to the album.  For the full review, click here.

Winter Love, the winter oriented ballad. This song by far is one of BoA’s best ballads. The music complements her voice and sounds so beautiful. When BoA sings the chorus her voice is filled with power. The chorus is the most memorable part of the song along with the best part. Just having this on the album would make it worth your money.  Winter Love was a part of the single of the same name and was the last single of this era.  For the review of Winter Love, click here.

STILL. This song begins with an orchestra then transforms into a R&B/pop song. The song is pop because at certain points is sounds very pop, and yet at others it sounds very R&B inspired. The chorus is pretty good, and sounds catchy. Towards the third quarter a Spanish guitar can be heard, then BoA begins singing. Not a bad song at all.

SO REAL another fusion of R&B & Pop. The song begins with BoA ad libbing. She sings a few verses but then begins the chorus. The chorus sounds a lot better than those verses. It’s pretty catchy and goes by so quickly. The overall mood sounds R&B but the chorus sounds a little pop. Do be honest with you this song wasn’t that good. I think even though it was short enough I wanted it to be over already. Maybe I’m not used to this side of BoA.

KEY OF HEART the celebration song. This song was released as a single to celebrate BoA’s 5th Anniversary. I think that they should have chosen a different song but that’s OK. The chorus was strong and powerful but not that catchy. It’s still great song though.  But I must say that DOTCH would’ve been a better song than this one.  Here is the full review of KEY OF HEART.

OUR LOVE ~to my parents~ another piano ballad. It begins with the piano playing and later BoA singing. BoA’s voice sounds so sweet and innocent, it’s cute. After singing the verses, BoA begins the chorus that features some English. The chorus sounds so great and sounds beautiful. Right before the chorus you hear an instrumental increase, which sounds so great. The bridge is made up of violins that add harmony and joy to the song. BoA then sings the final chorus which sounds as fantastic as every. What a great ballad to the album.

no more make me sick, grammatically incorrect is the first word that comes to mind. This song has yet another R&B feel, at this point I’m all R&Bed out. The chorus is catchy, but it’s lackluster. I think that the song could’ve been a lot better. I just really didn’t like this song that much.

Revolution-CODE:1986-1105 Feat.RAH-D a Hip Hop song. The song begins with some guys annoying voice rapping. BoA thankfully begins to sing. The verses are pretty catchy but the chorus takes the prize. The chorus here is so catchy and BoA’s vocals sound aggressive and a little aggravated. That constant whistle sound is annoying along with the music. This is the worst song on the album, I hate to say that but it’s true. BoA needs to stick the Japanese themed music.

Your Color, a moving ballad. After that horrible song it’s time for a ballad. I’m so happy that this song was added to the album. BoA’s vocals sound so great, especially after that previous song. The chorus is absolutely breathtaking. The music here contains a piano, an orchestra, and an acoustic guitar. What a fantastic addition to the album.  This song was released as the first single to begin this era.  Here is the full review of Your Color.

Prayer, another R&B track. After hearing Your Color, I can stand some more American inspired songs. This song kind of reminded me of Kumi Koda’s Puppy. The beats sound great but get annoying after a while. The chorus is pretty catchy and sounds great too. BoA’s English could use some work, but it’s not that bad.  The most annoying part was when BoA’s vocals were distorted and when some guys voice came into the song.  After a while the chorus begins to get annoying.  It started off good, but ended so badly.

Candle Lights, another little ballad.  Following that bad track Prayer, is a great little song.  This song was originally on the last single, Winter Love.  The chorus here is much better than the previous song.  It’s surprisingly better now than when I listened to it a few hours ago, kind of weird.  Here is the full review of Candle Lights.

Gracious Days, the last new song.  It begins with a fast paced piano and some beats.  I can honestly say that this is a great song compared to some of the other songs.  The chorus here is impressive, BoA’s vocals sound so at peace and yet so strong.  The chorus is also quite catchy and sounds profound with all the music.  This song is what I’d call a pop/ballad.  Too fast to be a ballad, and to piano-ish to be a pop song.  A great song for sure.

LAST CHRISTMAS, the perfect English classic.  This song was originally released on Winter Love as a first press bonus track, but here it is included on the album as a bonus track.  This is a more modern spin on an American Christmas classic.  BoA’s English is perfect here and sounds amazing.  The perfect example of BoA’s superb English skills.  For the full review, click here.

Winter Love (Live ver.)  This song is a live version of Winter Love.  It was included on the album as a first press bonus track.  BoA’s vocals sound great as ever.  The chorus here sounds phenomenal, just like the studio version.  I was shocked that it could sound that great.  It was the perfect way to end this album.

Overall Review: MADE IN TWENTY(20) was a good album.  I liked the first half but after that it spiraled downwards with the exception a few ballads.  I can honestly say that the R&B songs really killed this album for me.  BoA should have stuck with pop songs and ballads, maybe one or two R&B songs.  Lady Galaxy was my favorite track, I could actually stand it, so that was good.  The album could’ve been better, but overall it was a good album.

Final Grade: 90B


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