be with you.

be with you. was BoA’s 26th single. It was released on February 20, 2008 and reached number 13 on the charts with 10,808 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 14,000+ copies. This is also BoA’s first single in to not be in the top 10 in about 4 years, but considering this single was released a week before the album it is understandable. This single was also used to promote the album, as it was released just a week before the album. The B-Side precious doesn’t appear on her newest album, THE FACE.

1. be with you.
2. precious
3. be with you. (spring acoustic mix)
4. be with you. (Instrumental)
5. precious (Instrumental)

be with you. a spring time ballad. Be with you. an interesting title wouldn’t you agree. To be perfectly honest with you, I thought that this would be just another single from BoA, I expected it to be lackluster. But I was surprised. This song is so beautiful and BoA’s vocals are perfect here. The chorus is filled with the piano and a few instruments and it sounds absolutely incredible. The music here is astounding and sounds so beautiful. Truly the perfect ballad.

precious the second ballad. It begins with a keyboard playing, I think it’s a keyboard, or a piano. The piano comes into play right after and BoA begins singing. Here BoA’s voice isn’t that strong, but I guess it’s OK. I think that after be with you. was heard you expected something a little better, sadly this wasn’t up to par. The chorus is so-so, but it wasn’t that great. I see why it wasn’t on THE FACE. And this song also uses some English.

be with you. (spring acoustic mix) the First Press Bonus track. This song was avaliable as a first press bonus track. In this version the whole entire music sounds so nature, hence the spring acoustic mix, and acoustics are played. BoA’s voice is as sweet as ever and the music complements it. During the chorus the piano is playing along with an orchestra, and it sounds so majestic. I like this remix almost as much as the original.

Overall Review: be with you. was a beautiful single in every sense of the word. It was a single filled with harmonious ballads, so amazing, so not so. I did like that it give you some diversity. The perfect way to end THE FACE Era.

Final Review: 97A


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