THE FACE was BoA’s 6th studio album. It was released on February 27, 2008 and reached number 1 on the charts with 110,653 copies sold. In all this album has sold over 167,609+ copies. This album was the first album of BoA’s to be released in a CD+2DVD edition, something that has been done for Koda Kumi’s Black Cherry and Kingdom. This album also has the lowest first week sales total for one of BoA’s albums, but it’s understandable with the digital era. Despite that this is BoA’s 6th number 1 album, a feat that has only been accomplished by Ayumi Hamasaki in terms of female solo albums. Promotions for this album will include two special events that will take place later in the year. The Face contains singles from Sweet Impact to be with you. But unlike the previous albums two B-Sides were left out, one from Sweet Impact and one from be with you. the first and last singles.

2. Sweet Impact
3. My Way,Your Way feat.WISE
4. be with you.
5. LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
6. Girl In The Mirror
7. Happy Birthday
8. Diamond Heart
11. Gyappu ni Yara Re Ta!
12. Style
13. Smile again
14. Beautiful Flowers
15. Best Friend
16. Hey Boy, Hey Girl feat. BoA

AGGRESSIVE, the flawless opening. This song is best described as an aggressive dance track. It begins with this incredible dance music from the start and with BoA singing, you’ll also notice the violins playing too. As mentioned before most of the must here is dance/synth it’s quite the combination, and unusual for BoA, as I haven’t heard a dance song from here. The chorus here sounds so fantastic as it’s so catchy and upbeat but the fact that it uses some English. From there the song is basically repetitive, of course with some differences, but it sounds so great. It’s SO EASY to love this song. Not to hard to see why this is such a great opening track.

Sweet Impact the first of the era. This song was released as the first song, thus being the first song in THE FACE Era. The song is upbeat and somewhat fast. The most notable thing is the great amount of English present. The chorus is simply superb and is so catchy. Click here for the full review.

My Way,Your Way feat.WISE begins with some odd music at first, but then it gets a bit better. This song features WISE, I’m guessing he’s so Japanese rapper. You can hear his voice a little throughout the song. BoA’s voice here sounds so great especially with the music. The chorus here is pretty sweet and sounds a little innocent, a nice combination. Like a few of her songs this song uses some English, but not that much. Towards the second half of the song, WISE will sing a verse or two with BoA, and surprisingly it sounds pretty good. Not what I expected to say the least, I thought it’d be bad, but I was wrong.

be with you. the soft love ballad. This song was released as a single one week prior to the release of this album. It was used to promote the album. A full review will be done soon. Anyway the song is really beautiful and BoA’s voice sounds so powerful when she sings the chorus. The chorus here is also so prevalent and has some of the loveliest music from BoA that I’ve heard in a long time.

LOSE YOUR MIND feat.Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA, the rock oriented pop song. This song was the third song released as a single. It features Yutaka Yurukawa as the guitaris. The song is pretty good with the guitar beats and with the occasional English. The chorus here is absolutely riveting with the chorus and the guitar, and also it’s so catchy. The bridge is the guitar solo by Furukawa, and it sounds so good. For the review of LOSE YOUR MIND, click here.

Girl In The Mirror, by far one of the more aggressive songs on this album. BoA’s voice in some parts of the song seem a little muffled. The song is aggressive and features some hip-hop beats I guess you could say, well some constant African drums beating. The chorus here is mediocre in my opinion. There is some English present in this song, and it makes the song bearable. This wasn’t what I expected at all, it could’ve been better.

Happy Birthday, finally a happy, upbeat, sugary pop song. This is most definitely on the lighter side of the album. Happy Birthday is such a great change since it is pop and the fact that it’s so happy. The chorus here is fantastic and sounds so perfect with BoA’s vocals. The music here is pop-ish with the occasional guitar, synth beats, and some claps. It also follows the trend of having some amount of English present. Towards the end the song, the vocals fade away with the piano playing the final notes.

Diamond Heart, the R&B/pop song, well mostly pop. This was released as one of two B-Sides to LOVE LETTER. At the beginning you can hear some guy’s voice, but thankfully BoA’s voice takes over. This wasn’t my favorite song from BoA, but after a few months it has grown on me. During the verses background vocals are audible. The background music sounds okay, but I’ve heard better. The piano can be heard right before the final chorus and it leads into BoA’s best rendition of the chorus, what a great way to end the song.

LOVE LETTER the true ballad of the era. This song, by far, is the best ballad on the album. BoA’s vocals begin right away as she signs the chorus. The chorus sounds so beautiful and features some English here and there. The background music truly makes the song, along with BoA. LOVE LETTER was released as the second single of this album. BoA’s voice sounds so powerful and beautiful throughout the entire song. Such a lovely song and worthy of the name ballad.

BRAVE the uplifting, slower paced song. Brave is something different for BoA, it’s slower and is a bit better than her usual songs. I think that this song could be placed at the ending of some epic moive it sounds so great. The song initially has a darker tone until the chorus. The chorus features very little English and finds a way to sound so beautiful. At first I thought it was really bad but after a few listens it sounded so much better. The verses managed to sound great too. The bridge is a soft guitar solo and fills the song with electric riffs. What a fantastic song from BoA.

Gyappu ni Yara Re Ta! lit. Hit by the Gap! Another light-hearted pop song. Although unlike the rest of the pop songs, this one isn’t as good sadly. The chorus here is a little slow and features some English, but it’s not that catchy. This song was really mediocre, I think it’ll be one of the lest memorable tracks on this album.

Style, can you say edgy. What a nice change, a little edgy song. This song starts off right away with BoA singing. BoA’s vocals aren’t that aggressive here but they sound so in sync with the music. The music seems to have a little hip-hop feel to it with all the constant beats. Like the others, this song features some English, most notably in the end of the chorus. But one problem I had with it was that there was hardly any change in tone when BoA sang the chorus; and the fact that the music was the same too, it was like Under BoA style. But there have been worse.

Smile again, the third B-Side. This was originally the B-Side to LOSE YOUR MIND. Smile again is best described as a heart warming ballad. This ballad is driven by the piano, the violins, and BoA’s soft voice. I must say that it has improved since I last listened to it. Maybe I’ve gotten soft on reviews, oh well. Not as powerful as LOVE LETTER, but it’s still a good ballad.

Beautiful Flowers, an enthusiastic, pop oriented, free spirited song. Like Diamond Heart, this was the second B-Side for the single LOVE LETTER. But unlike the other this was mostly a sugary pop song, kinda like Birthday Eve. This song begins with a drum roll and then the violins playing, but the explodes into a pop song. Throughout the music there is a constant beat, it sounds pretty good. The chorus sounds so good and best of all, it’s so darn catchy and uses a lot of English. BoA’s voice sounds so happy too when she’s singing this, that there makes it good. One of the better B-Sides for sure.

Best Friend the upbeat R&B inspired ballad. I say R&B inspired because unlike most ballads it has that R&B feel to it, not enough strings I think. But with that being said this is such a great addition to the album. The chorus here is pretty good, the thing I most like about it is the innocence of the lyrics. The music is mid-tempo and somewhat slow, but it’s still really good. I think that this was such a great song to add, it lives up to it’s name.

Hey Boy, Hey Girl feat. BoA, the CD+2DVD bonus song. This song was only added onto the CD+2DVD edition, thus making it a bonus track. Here BoA is the featured artists with SEAMO being the main artist. This song is kinda like a Japanese rap song, but better. BoA’s vocals sound so great here, and they’re my favorite part of the song. The chorus was a mixture of both BoA and SEAMO, so it was pretty good. As for SEAMO’s vocals… no comment.

Overall Review: THE FACE, wow, what a riveting album. I really didn’t expect to hear an album like this from BoA. Most albums from BoA bore me with the exception of a few songs, but here I was blown away with all these great songs. Now some songs were average but still were good. And despite low sales this has to be one of her best albums in years. But all of these songs have managed to create one album that is sure to be memorable for the years. One of BoA’s best works in years without a doubt.

Final Grade: 100A+

3 Responses to “THE FACE”
  1. karimu says:

    I love your reviews. They’re so detailed and very well-written! I guess I’ll be visiting your blog alot XD

  2. diegwa says:

    Thanks, some of the older ones aren’t as good but I’ll be updating them soon. So check the older ones later lol.

  3. boamyjewel says:

    lol agree with karimu, it’s detailed XD

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