SAKURA Drops / Letters

SAKURA Drops / Letters was Utada Hikaru’s 11th single. It was released on May 9, 2002 and reached number 1 on the charts with 400,390 copies sold. In all it would go on to sell over 686,720+ copies. This was also the last single in her Deep River Era. The first A-Side was used in the drama First Love and the second, Letters, was used in a cell phone commercial.

1. SAKURA Drops
2. Letters
3. SAKURA Drops (Original Karaoke)
4. Letters (Original Karaoke)

The first song is a fan favorite entitled SAKURA Drops lit. Cherry Blossom Drops. This was the first song that was used in a drama, thus being a good promotion, almost like FoL. It begins with drums beating and then followed by a xylophone. Hikki begins singing about The last heartbreak and that the cherry blossoms will bloom soon. The xylophone echoes after along with an acoustic guitar. Shortly Hikki begins to sing followed by some panting which makes the song better, she then begins the chorus. The chorus here is fantastic as well as lovely, it’s somewhat catchy but overall sounds amazing. One of her best songs from the Deep River Era, along with the other A-Side. The final chorus sounds so great and then she recites the final verse and it ends with the guitar playing, a perfect finish.

The latter is more happy and up-beat than the previous this song is entitled Letters. Unlike being used in a drama this song was used in a cell phone CM and didn’t have a PV. The song begins with some guitar strings and some mystical beats. The chorus here sounds so fantastic with all the background music and the lyrics, and unlike SAKURA Drops it’s so catchy. The song features a little English at the end and ends the song on a great note. And according to Hikki it was one of her favorite songs, a rarity for her to like one of her own songs a lot but this song did it.

Overall Review: SAKURA Drops / Letters was a phenomenal single and the best way the end her Deep River Era. While the two A-Sides were clearly different they ended up creating a fantastic single. Props to Hikki for making a single like this, especially since it came out quickly, compared to her singles now. These songs were also what I’d consider her beginning venture into mainstream pop from R&B, well COLORS was the first sign, but this was the beginning.

Final Review: 100A+

2 Responses to “SAKURA Drops / Letters”
  1. H@na_yuk ! says:


    utada hikaru san!!!!

    watasiwa yuki desu….

    all of u’r album is very fantastic for me…

    i love u

    cia you…


    miss u….

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