HEART STATION / Stay Gold was Utada Hikaru’s 20th single. It was released on February 20, 2008 and reached number 3 on the Oricon charts with 48,430 copies. This was the last single in Hikki’s HEART STATION Era. So far the single has gone to sell over 72,104+ copies, quite good considering it was released less than a month before the album. Despite this single reaching 3 in sales according to Billboard Japan, a new chart from Billboard now a competitor of Oricon, HEART STATION was the 1st number 1 for Billboard Japan Airplay Charts and number 2 for Hot 100. Despite low sale performances, HEART STATION has remained number 1 on the airplay charts for three consecutive weeks. And like SAKURA Drops, a PV was produced for HEART STATION and not for Stay Gold. The first press edition of this single came with Heart Station stickers. And if it was purchased at certain places, the single also included a ASIENCE shampoo, a tie-in product of Stay Gold.

2. Stay Gold
3. HEART STATION (Original Karaoke)
4. Stay Gold (Original Karaoke)

HEART STATION, pop, blossoming with a sharpened sense of expression. This is an upbeat ethereal song, that really expresses what Hikki feels. This song was used in the CM for Recochoku, a ringtone site. It begins with a xylophone beat that continues and some synth music while Hikki sings Ai… which I believe is love. The lyrics sing of her and another not believing in their separation. The chorus here sounds so beautiful and is so catchy, it really speaks about hearing a voice on Heart Station. If you didn’t already know, the song refers to a Heart Station, like a radio station. Like most of Hikki’s songs you can hear some English, for this song it’s right after the first chorus when she sings “Baby, can you hear me, just tell me one thing… If you can hear me, say something.” The lyrics also mention a secret that only God knows. These lyrics are quite deep and sound amazing the way she sings them. The final chorus is mostly a repetition of the first chorus with a few differences, but it still sounds good, and that synth music makes all the difference. As the song begins to end you can hear her ad-libbing Ai…Heart Station.

Stay Gold the mid-tempo piano ballad. This was the first song that people heard back in October I believe, well the 15 sec CM. Its tie-in was for ASIENCE, a brand of shampoo. The piano is the main instrumental force here as it plays throughout the whole song, but you can notice the higher keys and lower keys. The song begins right off with the chorus, kind of odd but she’s done it before in a few songs. After which the begins the first verse which is backed by the lower piano keys. Soon Hikki begins to sing in a higher pitch and the piano keys mimic her. The chorus here sounds so lovely, quite catchy but not that fast, and yet it’s so short. Hikki’s vocals sound so peaceful here. In the lyrics she tells her darling to stay gold and to keep smiling forever. It ends with her ad-libbing and singing the final chorus.

Overall Review: HEART STATION / Stay Gold was the best possible way to end the HEART STATION Era. HEART STATION was an upbeat ethereal song that easily became a hit, while Stay Gold remained sweet with the piano. Both songs are fantastic and seem nostalgic especially HEART STATION. The combination is unique and yet seems to fit together, like two pieces of a puzzle. One thing I must say is bravo Hikki, you’ve outdone yourself now.

Final Grade: 100A+

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