PEACH / HEART was Ai Otsuka’s 15th single. It was released on July 25, 2007 and reached number 1 on the charts with 68,346 copies. In all this single has sold over 168,904+ copies. It was also the last single in her LOVE PiECE Era. In addition to that it was also the only double A-Sided single in this era. And a PV of HEART would be later released on her newest studio album.


3. Ren’ai Shashin -Haru-
4. PEACH (Instrumental)
5. HEART (Instrumental)

PEACH the fun in the sun song. I say fun in the sun because it’s a summer song. PEACH begins with an explosive start. The guitar along with the drums begin to play and then Ai begins to sing. At first I didn’t like this song but after a few listens it grew on me. It’s really upbeat and has such great music. The chorus is so catchy and sounds fantastic with the music. It’s really quite a good song.

HEART the softer of the songs. I initially loved this song from the start. Ai’s voice is so sweet and sounds so innocent. It’s almost a ballad except the music isn’t so ballad like, more like a slow happy song. The chorus here is so catchy and sounds great, even though it’s a bit slow. And the music here sounds so great, kinda childish but none the less great. I like this A-Side better than PEACH.

Ren’ai Shashin -Haru- lit. Love Photograph -Spring- this of course is a remix of the original version. Here Ai’s voice sounds sweeter and softer than in the original version. The song also takes on more of a orchestra feel towards it, with that being said it’s a great remix.

Overall Grade: PEACH / HEART was a fantastic single. I especially loved HEART, what a great chorus that sounds to great. I also liked the Haru version of Ren’ai Shashin. This single was the prefect way to end her LOVE PiECE Era.

Final Grade: 97A


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