FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER was Ami Suzuki’s 27th single. It was released on August 22, 2007 and reached number 32 on the charts with 5,660 copies sold. In all this single has sold over 8,946+ copies. This single follows the trend of her previous singles, as they are all now collaboration singles. This single’s collaborator is Nakata Yasutaka from Capsule. This is also the 1st single of the DOLCE Era.


3. FREE FREE (extended mix)
4. SUPER MUSIC MAKER (radio edit)

The first song we have is FREE FREE. Now FREE FREE is a unique song for Ami to do, mostly because this was the first song that her vocals were heavily distorted, and I mean heavily. And in the PV this also marked a new image for new, more adult like rather than cute pop idol. Anyway besides featured heavily distorted vocals this song also features heavy dance music similar to either trance or house music. Also most of the lyrics were in English and only the verses were in Japanese, but for some reason I liked the Japanese lyrics a lot better, they seemed to be more infectious. As for the chorus, well it was outstanding! It’s very infectious with all the heavy synth music and those English lyrics. It was truly an amazing song!

Now for the second A-Side, SUPER MUSIC MAKER. This song follows in some of the same footsteps of the previous song with all the synth elements and distortions. But the vocals aren’t heavily as distorted and this song is more upbeat. The song begins with a minute intro before anything gets good but afterwards it gets a lot better. And almost everything about this song was so catchy and so infectious. The verses were so fantastic too, they weren’t as dark sounding as FREE FREE but they were lighter and more happy. As for the chorus, it was such a mind blower! It was so additive and so catchy. With all the light synth elements and dance beats it’s hard not to dance. The only thing I didn’t like about this song was probably the long intro and the long outro that was over a minute.

If you wanted FREE FREE to be long it looks like you got your wish with FREE FREE (extended mix). This song features a longer intro and outro, that’s really the only difference. So if you want to listen to a longer version of FREE FREE you’ll like this 7 minute track. And it’s pretty great for a workout song, random but true, or a club song, it’s pretty great.

SUPER MUSIC MAKER was great and all but it was a little long winded, that’s why they have the SUPER MUSIC MAKER (radio edit). This song is a lot better in my opinion being only a little over 5 minutes. The long intro is eliminated and the difference is phenomenal. You still get the vivid verses and the care free choruses but no long intro or outro. My favorite track on this single is probably this one song.

Overall Review: FREE FREE / SUPER MUSIC MAKER was a splendid dance & synth single. The title tracks were great and so fantastic. The first was so heavy in synth and dance and a little dark. While the second was up-beat and happy. The additional tracks were a great addition as you could pick what mixes or edits you liked the best. Truly a superb way to begin to DOLCE Era.

Final Grade: 100A+


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