Yumekui was Ai Otsuka’s 12th single. It was released on August 2, 2006 and reached number 5 on the charts with 63,428 copies sold. In all it would go on to sell over 146,665+ copies making it the number 66 single of the year. It was also the second single her Ai’s LOVE PiECE Era.


1. Yumekui
2. tears
3. Yumekui (Instrumental)
4. tears (Instrumental)

Yumekui lit. Dream Eater. This song begins with Ai singing in that sweet voice of hers. The song itself is laid back and features some guitar beats. I guess you could call it a pop/rock song, more pop though. The verses are sweet and simple. While the chorus is really good and sounds so fantastic and catchy. A sweet A-Side.

tears the B-Side. It’s only found on this single as it was not placed on her album. This song is the complete opposite of Yumekui. It is a ballad that features the piano. The song is quite moving and Ai’s voice sounds better than ever. The orchestra playing adds to all the greatness. I never knew that Ai could sing like this, it’s quite a change.

Overall Review: Yumekui was a great single. It featured a laid back pop/rock song and a beautiful ballad. Although the two contradict each other its still good. I do understand though why tears wasn’t added to the album. But overall Yumekui was a fantastic single.

Final Grade: 94A-

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  1. […] Yumekui lit. Dream Eater. This song was released as a single. As mentioned before it is a pop rock song, but mostly pop. Ai’s vocals are sweet and laid back. The chorus here was particularly catchy. This is just what the album needed, a light hearted pop song. Click here for the review of Yumekui. […]

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