Ren’ai Shashin

Ren’ai Shashin was Ai Otsuka’s 13th single. It was released on October 25, 2006 and reached number 2 on the charts with 77,570 copies. In all it would go on to sell over 150,000+ copies because of that it because the number 75 single of the year. This was her 3rd single in the LOVE PiECE Era.

Ren'ai Shashin

1. Ren’ai Shashin
2. Hanikami Jane
3. Haneari Tamago (Live Version)
4. Ren’ai Shashin (Instrumental)
5. Hanikami Jane (Instrumental)

The single begins with the lovely Ren’ai Shashin lit. Love Photograph. Well the first thing I can tell you is that this song is a ballad backed by the piano and an orchestra of violins. Although Ai’s vocals are very soft and sweet the get stronger when needed. The calm music is just so lovely, and the instrumentals are amazing! This mid-tempo ballad is certainly one to remember. One thing I loved about this song was the amazing chorus. It might not be all that catchy, but it sounds so fantastic, and the climax is so classical. This has got to be one of her better songs from this era.

We now come to Hanikami Jane lit. Shy Jane. It begins with the drums sounding off and then turns into an upbeat pop song. Ai’s vocals are great here and her English seems almost perfect if it already wasn’t. All of the music sounds so happy, and it’s such a nice sound. The chorus here is the best part of the song and sounds fantastic.

And time for Haneari Tamago (Live Version) lit. Egg with Wings. This song was sung live in a concert celebrating Ai’s three years in the music business. It was originally found on her LOVE COOK album. This song is a ballad and features the piano. While the chorus isn’t that catchy it makes up for it in its beauty. Ai’s vocals also seem to get more powerful throughout the song.

Overall Review: Ren’ai Shashin was a good single. I say good because it was good, not to great but good, and good is still good. I could’ve been better but you can’t do anything about that. Despite all of that I still like the single. There was a great ballad though, and that’s what made the single so great. It’s just too bad that it wasn’t better. Still not a bad single in the LOVE PiECE Era.

Final Grade: 90B

4 Responses to “Ren’ai Shashin”
  1. linh chan says:

    i wanna download..

  2. diegwa says:

    Sorry, i did offer downloads, but then people got shut down for it. I’m sure you’ll find a site that offers downloads.

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