White Choco

White Choco was Ai Otsuka’s 2nd single released under the name LOVE, but I will categorize it under Ai Otsuka. It reached 70 on the Oricon Charts and has sold about 2,057+ copies.

White Choco

1. White Choco
2. White Choco (Instrumental)

White Choco, lit. White Chocolate. It’s a very upbeat, fast paced song in which Ai’s voice is often distorted. The song sounds so good as Ai sings in that little voice of hers which sounds even better distorted. The chorus is the best part as it’s so catchy. The background music is really fast and features drums, bells, and maybe the guitars. It’s such a great happy song, give it a chance.

Overall Review: White Choco is such a great song. Fast faced, upbeat, and screams pop, and a little dance. I love how Ai’s voice sounds to childish, kinda. The voice distortions make her voice better than before and add to make the song even better. Get me some White Choco!

Final Grade: 100A+

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