SEASONS was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 16th single. It was released on June 7, 2000 and reached number 1 on the charts with 552,000 copies and eventually went on to sell over 1,367,400 copies. This was her third single to sell over one million copies and it was also the last in her trilogy of PV’s which included vogue, far away, and finally SEASONS. You might also notice that the first two singles feature part of the picture while SEASONS features the entire picture. This was also her third single in the Duty Era.


1. SEASONS “Original Mix”
2. SEASONS “Acoustic Orchestra Version”
3. TO BE “Acoustic Version”
4. SEASONS “so happy so sad mix”
5. SEASONS “Jonathan Peters’ Radio Mix”
6. SEASONS “Rays of Light Mix”
7. SEASONS “Neutralize: Final Attack Mix”
9. SEASONS “Dub’s Rain of duv Remix”
10. SEASONS “Original Mix -Instrumental-”
11. ever free “HΛL’S MIX 2000”

SEASONS begins right off with a lovely piano playing and then is followed by the guitar playing behind the piano, as the volume increases. Then Ayumi begins singing and she sounds so wonderful. Then the chorus begins and it sounds so magical with the piano and guitar playing in harmony. While the chorus isn’t to catchy is sure is beautiful and sounds amazing. The bridge is a guitar solo which is softer than normal and it fits the song so well. After which Ayumi sings the final chorus and the song ends with the piano and guitar playing. What a prefect ending.

ever free “HΛL’S MIX 2000” is the remix of the song found on vogue. It should be noted that ever free only appears on that single and no album as of yet. It’s a pretty good remix and that’s all I’ll say really. Not bad for a remix.

Overall Review: SEASONS was such a superb single. I loved how the song had a ballad feel to it. There was a reason why it sold over one million copies and why it won an award. Truly a beautiful composition. And the remixes give you a change to find what you like. Another great Duty Era single.

Final Grade: 100A+

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  1. […] SEASONS, the mesmerizing acoustic ballad. SEASONS was released as the third single of this era and the trilogy. It begins with a beautiful piano opening followed by a beautiful acoustic guitar, and the sound made is so beautiful, almost a tearjerker. Ayumi then begins with the verses that sound so lovely. The chorus follows and it sounds better than anything. It’s so beautiful and gorgeous and it sounds so catchy, and the piano and acoustic guitar at the end make it even better. This is one of her best songs in this era, and it’s not hard to see why. For the full review of SEASONS, click here. […]

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