Daybreak was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 25th single. It was released on March 6, 2002 and reached number 2 on the charts with 113,170 copies copies, in all it would sell over 200,000+ copies. Now this single was a re-cut single and was released after her 4th studio album I am… it was also limited to 300,000 copies. Finally Daybreak was the last single to feature many remixes on her singles, all others would have 2 or less, with the exception of No Way To Say. This single was also her last re-cut single.

Daybreak Cover

1. Daybreak “HΛL’s MIX 2002”
2. no more words “BRENT MINI’S ROTARY MIX”
3. I am… “night clubbers mix”
4. no more words “nicely nice remix”
5. I am… “Ram’s Special 11Days Mix”
6. no more words “turn up the break mix”
7. I am… “Huge Fairy tale mix”
8. no more words “Laugh & Peace Mix”
9. Daybreak “HΛL’s Mix 2002-Instrumental-”
10. opening run “JK’s exended mix”

Daybreak “HΛL’s MIX 2002” the final re-cut song. Well as most know, the original version of Daybreak was a mid-tempo rock song, however with this remix that has changed. In stead of that rock music for the beginning a softer, more calm music plays. Ayumi’s vocals are the same but the music is different. The whole entire music is a lot calmer and softer in this song, as the rock element has been taken out. I loved the chorus of this original song but here it isn’t as good. It’s still good but the original was better.

Overall Review: Daybreak was a good re-cut single. I did think that it could’ve been better though. The background music was the most noticeable change and for some reasons Ayumi’s vocals didn’t seem as good here. However I do like the fact that there were multiple remixes and my favorite one was I am… “Huge Fairy tale mix”. Not exactly the best re-cut single.

Final Grade: 88B


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