anytime was Koda Kumi’s 39th single. It was released on January 23, 2008 and reached number 4 on the charts with 44,051 copies, in all it has sold about 50,000+ copies. This single was released one week prior to the release of her 6th studio album Kingdom. This single also included a B-Side that will not be present on the album. The title track anytime was originally supposed to be on the single FREAKY but for some reason was replaced with Run For Your Life. The PV for this single was also shot in LA in May of 2007 at about the same time that Run For Your Life was shot along with FREAKY. It was the last single in her Kingdom Era.

anytime Cover

1. anytime
2. Bounce
3. anytime (FreeTEMPO remix)
4. anytime (Instrumental)
5. Bounce (Instrumental)

anytime, the sweet, innocent, playful ballad. Kind of a change for Kumi to have a sweet song on her singles compared to her powerful ballads, but this is a nice change. It also has that nice innocent quality as compared to some of her other songs. The chorus is the best part of the song as it’s catchy, sounds great, and has that happy feel to it. What a lovely A-Side.

Bounce, the slightly more aggressive song. This is actually my favorite song on the single, and Kumi’s known for music like this rather than her sweet, innocent songs. The chorus is for sure addictive and catchy. And the music is so good and has the soft edgy feel to it. The good amount of English in this song makes it a lot better than anytime in my opinion.

anytime (FreeTEMPO remix) the longer yet faster remix of anytime. It’s kinda off to have a faster remix that’s also longer but it is possible. Also this is what I’d call a dance remix as you can feel the beats in the song that are driven by the paino. A very unique remix.

Overall Review: anytime was quite unusual for one of Kumi’s singles in my opinion, but I could be wrong. And the song was just to innocent and happy, not that that’s bad but it’s just not Kumi. As much as I love most of her singles this is one single I didn’t like as much. Compared to all her singles this was the most innocent and the lowest selling single. Not the best way to end the Kingdom Era.

Final Grade: 86B-

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  1. […] Anytime, this was the last single to be released, in fact it was released 1 week before Kingdom. I will also do a review for this later. This is more of a sweet, cheery, little song. I wouldn’t call it a true ballad. Still a good listen.  Here is the review of anytime. […]

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