Sweet Impact

Sweet Impact was BoA’s 23rd Japanese single. It was released on April 25, 2007 and reached number 5 on the charts with 26,215 copies sold, in all it has sold over 40,373+ copies. This was the first single BoA’s THE FACE Era. Apparently there was some controversy because of the cover, which bared a similarity to Kate Mosses picture from Vogue.

Sweet Impact

1. Sweet Impact
2. Bad Drive
3. SO REAL (ArmySlick’s scratch build vocal)
4. Sweet Impact (TV MIX)
5. Bad Drive (TV MIX)

Sweet Impact the upbeat pop song. It begins with BoA singing in English and then Japanese. It sounds so good. The verses are pretty good with all the English and the catchy music. The music of this song is one of the best parts of this song as it’s upbeat and catchy. The chorus is the absolute best part of this song with the lyrics that are catchy and upbeat and the music. This is by far the best song on the single.

Bad Drive begins with some English saying “Bad Drive.” This song really isn’t my favorite but it’s a lot better now when I listen to it than when I did months ago. The chorus is pretty catchy but not that fast. I can hear why this song is a B-Side.

SO REAL (ArmySlick’s scratch build vocal) a remix of SO REAL from Made in Twenty(20). They’ve basically lengthened this song and just added some annoying guys voice. The original was much better.

Overall Review: Sweet Impact was a really good single, until you added that horrible remix. I loved the Sweet Impact because it was kinda new but after those other songs it kinda killed it. But it was still an okay single.

Final Grade: 88B

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