Shinku / Ai no Uta

Shinku / Ai no Uta was Hitomi Shimatani’s 26th single. It was released on September 5, 2007 and reached number 14 on the charts with 12,121 copies sold, and in all it was sold 19,757+ copies. This was the second single in the Flare Era, and the highest charing single in the Era.

Shinku / Ai no Uta

1. Shinku
2. Ai no Uta
3. Shinku (A.C.E.3 version)
4. Shinku (Instrumental)
5. Ai no Uta (Instrumental)

One of the best songs that she’s released is entitled Shinku. The music is primarily dance sounding, but the instrumentals are violins. It begins right off with a beautiful instrumental that enchants you. Then Hitomi begins singing the first verse, which is catchy and sounds very good. Then she begins the chorus in which her voice shows strength and power. The chorus itself is amazing with the music and the lyrics. What a great song. And it kinda reminds me of one of her earlier dance songs called Garnet Moon.

Ai no Uta lit. Love Poem. It begins with the piano playing and sounds incredible. It’s actually a lovely ballad and it’s a lot better than I thought it was going to be. What a nice ballad from Hitomi, I didn’t know she had it in her. Although I think that it could’ve been a little better.

Shinku (A.C.E.3 version) the opening for the game Another Century Episode 3: The Final. This version is a lot shorter and begins with an instrumental that sounds a little dark but it’s still good. It then changes into the regular version of Shinku, but as I said a lot shorter, and still good.

Overall Review: Shinku / Ai no Uta is such a great single from Hitomi. I wish it would’ve reached the top 10 but that’s okay. I loved who Shinku was a fast dance song and that Ai no Uta was a slow love ballad, kinda contradictory but still great. And the remix was a great bonus. I really loved the cover too, and the PV, this has got to be the best single in the Flare Era.

Final Grade: 94A-

One Response to “Shinku / Ai no Uta”
  1. btyop says:

    i’m an A.C.E 3 player, and i love the song since the first time i hear it. it blends quite well with the CG.

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