NEVER EVER was Ayumi Hamasaki’s 21st single. It was released on March 7, 2001 and reached number 1 on the charts with 423,480 copies and in all it would go on to sell over 756,980+ copies. This single was also released 3 weeks before Ayumi’s first compilation album A BEST. Ayumi was also forced to release this single by Avex even though she strongly felt that it wasn’t ready. This was also the 3rd single in her I am… Era.


1. NEVER EVER “Original Mix”
2. NEVER EVER “Yuta’s prayer mix”
3. SEASONS “H-H remix”
5. NEVER EVER “Laugh & Peace MIX”
6. NEVER EVER “Empty Pot Shuttlecock wood”
7. evolution “Ayu Can Hear U Mix”
8. NEVER EVER “nicely nice hot stab remix”
9. NEVER EVER “tears of aquarius mix”
10. NEVER EVER “Original Mix -Instrumental-”

NEVER EVER begins with some strange music and then changes into a light song with Ayumi singing in a sweet, innocent voice. After which it turns into a little rock note. The music between the chorus sounds nice and calm but the chorus music is strong and edgy with aggression. While the chorus isn’t to catchy it’s still pretty good, just give it a chance. After which the bridge is a guitar solo that leads into some verses and the final chorus. Then the song ends with some of the more innocent music heard in the beginning.

SEASONS “H-H remix” is considered a special song, which is why I’m reviewing it. It begins with “Are you…. ready” it keeps going like that until Ayumi begins singing. Despite this beging a remix and with that long intro the song sounds so good. It’s also used in her concerts just before she performs a special song. It was also released as a download exclusive song in 2007.

Overall Review: NEVER EVER was very interesting. The song itself wasn’t that great in my opinion. I prefer the other singles she’s released compared to this but that’s just me. But I did like the SEASONS “H-H remix” so that’s good. Overall I think Ayumi was right about it needing time before it was released.

Final Grade: 86B-

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  1. […] NEVER EVER the sweet, music box song with the aggressive rock chorus. I usually love all of Ayumi’s singles but this single wasn’t that great and neither was the song. It does however fit in with the other rock songs here. And it is still a good addition to the album, even though it didn’t really do anything for me. NEVER EVER’s review can be found here. […]

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